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My dog its 2Month but i need somthing to grow his Fur-skin without that he looks ugly?

My dog its a Border collie mix, all dogs of this type have like 20-25cm fur and mine its under 5cm i know maybe his fur will never grow up but without…

ASKED BY Member 1248111 on 6/15/15
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My 14 year old Siberian Husky/German Shepard mix is very needy and won't let me sleep at night, anyone else have this?

To begin I have to say that I have taken him to the vets and he is so far in good health, I will find out on Friday if there are problems with his…

ASKED BY Dakota on 12/17/14
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See pic of my pom, all fluffy? Now, she is 13, and almost bald. She is white w/pink skin showing. It breaks my heart. An?

She is still sweet and cuddly, but looks like a "waif", so sad. Still acts like a puppy, dancing around. Still haven;t found a food she likes, so…

ASKED BY Mollee on 9/15/14
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My 5 yr old dog has never chewed up shoes until today 2 pair almost almost a whole shoe?

Chewed up shoes threw them up. I was sick 4 days then hospitalized ambulance and all 5 days, home in bed the last 5 days. Max my dog has been w me the…

ASKED BY Member 1217526 on 3/22/14
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Hi I am looking for a sheltie pup or a cocker pup to train as my next future service dog and to be a sister to Grace?

My name is Becky and I live i live in O.C. I trained Grace well,I made an error on my 1st post. Grace has been in service for 6 years is a licenced…

ASKED BY Grace on 11/21/13
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Im a 16 year old boy, and i want the perfect puppy. i want a medium sized dog wont shed too much. can anyone help me out?

im athletic enough to give any dog his/her exersize and i want a dog who will be my best friend forever. i want to be able to train him well and i…

ASKED BY Member 1164693 on 4/11/13
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