Snow, Poochon Angel

My Dog hurt his foot?

Today we came back home and Snow ran up to me as usual. He just got up from a nap so he stretched and then he cried loudly. His hind leg is bent now…

ASKED BY Snow, Poochon Angel on 2/23/13
TAGGED paw, hurt, dog, stretch, pull, foot, muscle, broke IN Health & Wellness

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Have any ideas on how to help a boxer who has injured her chest muscle? Her walk is a drag-step with both legs?

9 year old female boxer slipped on ice & apparently tore a muscle in her chest, her walk is a drag-step with both legs on her right side. X-rays…

ASKED BY Member 965984 on 5/2/12
TAGGED adultboxer, hurtmuscle, treatment IN Senior Pet

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I have a britany that on two different occasions has had a spell where he flipped and rolled like a fish out of water?

The first time he did this was 2 months ago and I laid on him till he quit moving. when he tried to walk after he had no muscle strength on one side…

ASKED BY Member 1084453 on 1/14/12
TAGGED dog, musclelose, rollingmovement IN Other Health & Wellness

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Can a dog pull a muscle?

My Cairn Terrier did something last night and now he cannot put weight on his back left leg. It's almost like he pulled a muscle. Can that be?

ASKED BY Member 1069942 on 11/11/11
TAGGED pulledmuscle IN Other Health & Wellness

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My Klutzy dog finally missed the steps, now he seems down and out…

I checked his legs and flexed them, they seem fine, nothing looks broken or feels it. He CAN walk, but has not been unless he has to,and when he…

ASKED BY Member 1033289 on 5/9/11
TAGGED dog, hurt, fell, sprain, muscle IN Other Health & Wellness


Luxating patella?

My 10 month old Cavalier,Henry, just hurt himself playing and running around. He yelped and tried to limp over to me but it made him yelp again and…

ASKED BY Henry on 7/6/10
TAGGED luxatingpatella, musclecramps, sprains IN Health & Wellness

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My 9 month old boxer puppy is acting lethargic with loss of appetite and has muscle spasms in hind quarter. PLEASE HELP?

Female Boxer 9 months old symptoms: loss of appetite, sitting and laying hunched, some what lethargic, moves very slowly if you can even get her to…

ASKED BY Member 975288 on 3/18/10
TAGGED lethargic, lossofappetite, musclespasms, personalitychange IN Health & Wellness

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