Heeler questions?

We have a (almost) 1.5 year old male blue heeler mix and just adopted a female blue heeler/ border collie mix that is about 4 months old, and her name…

ASKED BY Gunner on 2/10/15
TAGGED blueheeler, blueheelermix, mouthing, puppy IN Behavior & Training

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Henry has a Garden issue: Please Help ||||||?

If we go in the garden with Henry, within minutes he shows aggression towards us barking and jumping up at us or mouthing at our arms. I believe he…

ASKED BY Member 1216840 on 3/19/14
TAGGED mouthing, barking, biting IN Aggression

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Dog jumps up and mouths at me - Don't know what to do.…

My b/f's dads dog is a Bernese mountain dog who always jumps up and mouths at me - They have said on occasion to just smack him but I don't feel…

ASKED BY Member 1214640 on 3/7/14
TAGGED jumping, mouthing, ignoringcommands IN Behavior & Training

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4th premolar extraction vs root canal?

i am trying to decide on root canal or extraction. my main concern is that he will miss the tooth. He is only 2 and i do not want him to have a hard…

ASKED BY Member 1208052 on 1/6/14
TAGGED thpremolar, teeth, tooth, molar, health, mouth, dentist, canine, cap, dog IN Health & Wellness


,my dog recently has been breathing through her mouth allot lately, not panting, and has her tongue out a bit?

She has been breathing with her mouth open with her tongue sticking out a little. she is not panting and sleeps fine. should I take her to the…

ASKED BY Marley on 11/8/13
TAGGED breathingthroughmouthhealthquestion IN Health & Wellness

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How do I advertize for someone to adopt me?

My human buddy has serious medical reasons require me to find a good home as soon as possible. I really want to find a good new, younger buddy or…

ASKED BY Member 1172695 on 6/10/13
TAGGED big, familydog, neutered, goldenretrivermix, germanshepherdmixyoung, lovetoplay, softmouth, hunting IN Adoption & Rescue

Bazgim (Ojibway for Sweetheart

Mouthy Mini-Poodle who pulls is driving his mom crazy, and he embarrasses her in public?

My Mini-Poodle is a puller first and foremost, so I got him a pinch collar so he wouldn't choke himself out during walks. Hes also super wound up…

ASKED BY Bazgim (Ojibway for Sweetheart on 4/18/13
TAGGED yipper, mouthy, minipoodle IN Behavior & Training

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