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Why is my moms chihuahua always making high pitch snorting noises?

My mom is pretty ignorant when it comes to our dogs. She feeds them things that are harmful to them or will make sick. I tell her that the stuff she…

ASKED BY Member 1166109 on 4/19/13
TAGGED breathing, problems, ignorant, crazy, mother IN Allergies

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My vet scheduled my puppys 2nd round of shots a week or two late. Now they want to start all over? Is that safe?

My GSD puppy got his first round of vaccines at 6 weeks. My new vet scheduled him for his second round 2 days short of a full 5 weeks later. Then upon…

ASKED BY Member 1141930 on 11/23/12
TAGGED shots, startover, money, weeks, weeks, mothers, antibodies IN Vaccinations

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My dog might be eating way too much meat?

My mom sometimes gives my dog a half a bowl of old pork or a full chicken leg. I tell her not to give him it but she says she doesn't want to…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 8/12/12
TAGGED too, much, fat, treats, treat, family, mom, mother, dog, puppy, meat, chicken, beef, ham, training IN Food & Nutrition


Mother's day is comming up daddy needs to get mamma something from us right? daddy thinks otherwise?

We love mamma and she takes good care of us, with baths, feeding, and patching us up. We heard daddy tell mamma that her dog/cat/horse mom status…

ASKED BY Myni on 5/6/12
TAGGED mothersday, mom, dogmom IN News & Events

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Why does my spayed F, 18 mos.-old beagle/blue heeler mix, try to smother me on the bed?

I got Sasha when she was about 10 weeks old; bought her for $20 from a farmer's wife at a flea market. She was one of 6/litter. She's had top vet…

ASKED BY Member 1064919 on 10/20/11
TAGGED behavior, beagle, blueheeler, smothering, female IN Behavior & Training

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Dog milk bag is like a plate flat her 3rd litter.niple the size of a malbarry,2 day old not drinking what to do help-5 b?

milk bag some thing wrong,its flat like a plate,niple the size of a malbarry 2day old pup not drinking milk ==Help==337-580-2283

ASKED BY Member 1047966 on 8/23/11
TAGGED flatbreastanfullofmilkstickesoutoneachsideofmotherplate IN Health & Safety

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