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Is it possible to retrain a ten month old German Shepherd? Help needed ASAP?

I received a purebred German Shepherd puppy for my birthday from my now exfiance. She was right weeks old when I got her and I had her with me until…

ASKED BY Member 1212869 on 2/24/14
TAGGED germanshepherd, behavior, training, obedience, tenmonths, rescue IN Behavior & Training

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8 Month Old Akita has missing front teeth. Hard time eating?

I'm fostering an 8 month old akita male. (Not my first akita foster) I noticed when I picked him up, that his bottom, front teeth are completely gone…

ASKED BY Member 1179842 on 7/11/13
TAGGED food, wellness, happy, puppy, months, akita, play, toys, teeth, missingteeth, dental, surgery, help IN Health & Wellness

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3 Month old Aussie biting too hard, is this a problem?

My pup, Smokey, is a three month old Australian Shepherd. We got him at eight weeks and he was pretty nice at first. But after a week he already…

ASKED BY Member 1141934 on 11/23/12
TAGGED aggression, biting, drawingblood, puppy, months, aussie, australianshepherd IN Behavior & Training

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Puppy has Upset Stomach least once every two weeks?

Hi everyone, I have a 10 month old male lab mix. I'm a little concerned because every week or at least once every two weeks he wakes me up around 2 or…

ASKED BY Member 1137693 on 10/26/12
TAGGED stomach, sounds, sick, eatinggrass, puppy, labmix, monthsold IN Other Health & Wellness

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I'm fostering a 6 mo. old recently spayed lab/border collie (?) mix abt 40lb they gave me adult food. Too young or?

The rescue group I'm fostering this dog for provides the fosters with dry dog food. Being that this dog is a med. breed isn't she too young for…

ASKED BY Member 1123041 on 7/28/12
TAGGED small, lab, bordercollie, mix, months, puppyfood, adultfood, which IN Pet Food

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