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Is it possible to retrain a ten month old German Shepherd? Help needed ASAP?

I received a purebred German Shepherd puppy for my birthday from my now exfiance. She was right weeks old when I got her and I had her with me until…

ASKED BY Member 1212869 on 2/24/14
TAGGED germanshepherd, behavior, training, obedience, tenmonths, rescue IN Behavior & Training


What Breed is my rescue pup? Also how big might he get?

He is 5 months old, and 30 pounds the shelter said he is a caathoula and hound mix but i don't see it. Maybe a pitt mix? Greyhound? I have no idea…

ASKED BY Azar on 11/20/13
TAGGED breed, month, catahoula, weight IN Puppies

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How much does your Great Dane cost monthly?

I currently do not have a dog, but plan on getting a Great Dane in the future. I am a dog groomer and have had lots of experience with large dogs, and…

ASKED BY Member 1197475 on 11/3/13
TAGGED greatdane, cost, monthlycost, toys, food IN Great Dane

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8 Month Old Akita has missing front teeth. Hard time eating?

I'm fostering an 8 month old akita male. (Not my first akita foster) I noticed when I picked him up, that his bottom, front teeth are completely gone…

ASKED BY Member 1179842 on 7/11/13
TAGGED food, wellness, happy, puppy, months, akita, play, toys, teeth, missingteeth, dental, surgery, help IN Health & Wellness


My 15 month old bouvier growl and sometimes pushes my husband in the eve or early morning when I am in bed in bedroom?

My Bouvier had fear issues and we hired a behavourist from the beginning. She has come a long way since but this issue started a few months back and…

ASKED BY Gigi on 5/13/13
TAGGED growlingathusbandinbedroommontholdbouvierdesflandres IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why does my 6 month Doberman pee in the house?

Why does my 6 month dobie keep peeing in the house

ASKED BY Member 1156384 on 2/21/13
TAGGED whydoesmymonthdobiepeeinthehouse IN Puppies

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