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My vet scheduled my puppys 2nd round of shots a week or two late. Now they want to start all over? Is that safe?

My GSD puppy got his first round of vaccines at 6 weeks. My new vet scheduled him for his second round 2 days short of a full 5 weeks later. Then upon…

ASKED BY Member 1141930 on 11/23/12
TAGGED shots, startover, money, weeks, weeks, mothers, antibodies IN Vaccinations


Should My Dachshund Have a Crate?

We are getting Daisy shortly, and I'm trying to prepare for her by getting her the necessities. I want to get her a crate, so she can have her own…

ASKED BY Daisy on 3/6/12
TAGGED crates, dachshunds, housetrained, money, investment IN Other Health & Wellness

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I found a dog with a bullet wound, but I can't take it to the vet. How can I help it?

My dad and I recently moved into an area deep in the woods, a friend of his owns all the property around here and offered to let us live in a…

ASKED BY Member 1086313 on 1/22/12
TAGGED bulletwound, openwound, leg, hip, nomoney, nobandage, ointment, antibiotics, gunshot, gun, hunter, woods, adopted IN Emergencies & First Aid

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I'm getting Dogster PLUS next week and were paying BY CHECK?

What all info i need to know before paying in CHECK.. AND...I was wondering if we are paying by CHECK then how much money will we need to pay…

ASKED BY Member 1002749 on 11/29/10
TAGGED dogsterplusmoney, check IN Other

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My puppy is 8 weeks old. We just got her 3 days ago, and she looks like she has worms. i dont get paid for another 2 weeks. is she going to be ok until then?

I got Ashlyn, (my 8 week old Siberian Husky pup), from a backyard breeder. I didnt want to get her, but she was covered in dirt and fleas, so I had to…

ASKED BY Member 1011757 on 11/14/10
TAGGED worms, husky, puppy, help, money, backyardbreeder IN Worms & Parasites


Do you think anyone would adopt an unhealthy puppy?

I adopted Easton (see pic!) about 2 months ago. I love him to death and he is a great dog, but he is very unhealthy. The day after I got him, I took…

ASKED BY Easton on 7/28/10
TAGGED adoption, sick, money IN Adoption & Rescue


Raising money/food...…

Hello. My name is J and I am going to help my local animal shelter, The Haven, get a lot of food and money so that even the shelter dogs will have a…

ASKED BY Jet on 12/12/09
TAGGED food, treats, money, blankets, haven IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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