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Mouthy Mini-Poodle who pulls is driving his mom crazy, and he embarrasses her in public?

My Mini-Poodle is a puller first and foremost, so I got him a pinch collar so he wouldn't choke himself out during walks. Hes also super wound up…

ASKED BY Bazgim (Ojibway for Sweetheart on 4/18/13
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My 10 year old mini poodle has started peeing on the floor at night?

She sleeps in bed with us, but leaves to go pee and then comes back into bed. We have lived in this house for almost 2 years. No other animals have…

ASKED BY Member 1123235 on 7/30/12
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We have a 4 yr old mini poodle we adopted from the shelter. He did not show his aggressive tendencies until a few weeks?

Dog was returned twice to shelter because of this aggressiveness. Seems like he feels bad after the fact. have not had him to vet or this reason. He…

ASKED BY Member 1118487 on 7/1/12
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