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Female dog won't hold a tie?

I am breeding my registered male sire with someone else miniature pinscher bitch, she is on day 12 of her heat and the male is noisy, and…

ASKED BY Member 1104692 on 2/17/15
TAGGED breeding, pregnancy, miniaturepinschers, tie IN Pregnancy

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What is the best harness for a min pin?

My min pin has escaped from every harness I've tried. We are working on walking on a leash and when he pulls while wearing a regular collar, it chokes…

ASKED BY Member 1156358 on 2/21/13
TAGGED minpin, miniaturepinscher, harness, collar IN Collars & Leashes

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My Min Pin mix has a lump by his eye?

My Min Pin mix has a pea sized lump on the outside corner of his eye. It is not touching his eye or the eye lid. It has a rough exterior and it…

ASKED BY Member 1140990 on 11/16/12
TAGGED miniaturepinscher, lump, eye, rough, peasized IN Health & Wellness

Apollo ~ Harlequin Pinscher

Merle, Brindle and Piebald Miniature Pinschers do exist. The Harlequin Pinscher Association is a registry that has shows?

I always come across people saying that there is no such thing as pure bred brindle, merle or piebald Miniature Pinschers. This is not true. It is a…

ASKED BY Apollo ~ Harlequin Pinscher on 7/17/11
TAGGED brindles, merles, piebalds, minpins, harlequins, miniaturepinscher, breeds, markings IN Miniature Pinscher


How often should I bathe my dog?

I don't know how often I should bathe my min pin. We live in Asia, where it's hot. I've been told that I should bathe her everyday or every other…

ASKED BY Chibi on 2/4/11
TAGGED bath, bathe, dog, puppy, minpin, miniaturepinscher, chibi, soap, water IN Grooming


I have an 8 month old neutured Miniature Pinscher and I don't know how much of food should I give him?

I give him Pro Plan kibbles and I don't know how much should I give him? When should I start to give him adult food?

ASKED BY Vivaldi on 8/8/10
TAGGED food, miniaturepinscher, minpin, proplan, monthold IN Pet Food

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Miniature Pinscher psychiatric service dog?

I use a miniature pinscher as a service dog for bipolar disorder and social anxiety. When I'm overwhelmed in a crowd he guides me. He also alerts me…

ASKED BY Member 973768 on 3/20/10
TAGGED minpinminiaturepinscherpsdpsychiatricservicedogsmalltask IN Miniature Pinscher

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