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Mostly white AKC Australian Cattle Dog? Deaf? Blind? Is it a rare color?

Hi, I have an AKC Australian Cattle Dog who is almost 4 months old. The thing is he is mostly white. His top coat is white including his eye lashes…

ASKED BY Member 1229148 on 6/30/14
TAGGED acd, australiancattledog, merle, genetics, deaf, blind, akc, whiteacd, ghost, blueheeler, queenslandheeler, heeler, redheeler, merlegene IN Australian Cattle Dog

Apollo ~ Harlequin Pinscher

Merle, Brindle and Piebald Miniature Pinschers do exist. The Harlequin Pinscher Association is a registry that has shows?

I always come across people saying that there is no such thing as pure bred brindle, merle or piebald Miniature Pinschers. This is not true. It is a…

ASKED BY Apollo ~ Harlequin Pinscher on 7/17/11
TAGGED brindles, merles, piebalds, minpins, harlequins, miniaturepinscher, breeds, markings IN Miniature Pinscher

Bone Crusher

To Merle, or Not to Merle?

Has anyone ever heard the debate over whether a Merle APBT is purebred or a crossbreed? The breed standards for the ADBA & UKC don't allow the color…

ASKED BY Bone Crusher on 11/5/10
TAGGED merle, crossbred IN American Pit Bull Terrier

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Repost from my previous question about color?

Seal is a very weird color of merle. He appears to be part border collie, and his mom is a cattle dog. His litter mates are black and white, black and…

ASKED BY Member 840446 on 3/28/10
TAGGED dog, bordercollie, color, unknown, merle, seal, blue, red, dilute IN Border Collie


Seal Merle Border Collies?

We have this 4 week puppy that we figure is a border collie puppy, but he is a very strange color. He is merle, with dark spots on a light coat color…

ASKED BY Angel on 3/27/10
TAGGED dog, bordercollie, color, unknown, merle, seal, blue, red, dilute IN Border Collie


Blue Merle Border Collies?

I was wondering if anyone had ever seen or heard of blue merle border collies. I saw one at the vet's office the other day. It looked more like an…

ASKED BY Winnie on 7/29/09
TAGGED bluemerlebordercollies IN Border Collie

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Could my doggie be a double merle?

I have a 9 week chihuahua puppy who is mostly white with patches of the blue merling (I'll add pictures soon). Her dad was a double merle and mom was…

ASKED BY Member 797712 on 1/27/09
TAGGED merle IN Other Health & Wellness

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