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Lipoma in 2 year old dog?

Hello...I just noticed what seems to be a soft ball sized fatty tumor on my dogs back thigh. I know these are extremely common in dogs but should I be…

ASKED BY Member 1241158 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED lipoma, aussie, lab, medical, fatty, tumor IN Health & Wellness

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I have a few questions about my malamute/husky mix?

3 years ago I adopted a 3 mo. old "malamute mix" (what the shelter classified him as), and he had already been neutered and microchipped. He…

ASKED BY Member 1229170 on 7/1/14
TAGGED medical, malamute IN Skin Problems

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My Pitty/ English BullDog has been having problem with Vomiting ?

Brought to Vet. Tests were done nothing found. No diet change. It always happens in the middle of the night never during the day. It is not every…

ASKED BY Member 1218008 on 3/25/14
TAGGED sick, medical, vomiting, diet IN Health & Wellness

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Leo, my 2 1/2 yr old American Bulldog was digging in the yard Saturday evening, pulling his nail away from the cuticle?

He is limping really bad. I am soaking his paw in Epsom Salt. The nail is still attached very well. Under the nail it is black from the dried blood…

ASKED BY Member 1176835 on 6/24/13
TAGGED medical, nailproblems IN Health & Wellness

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Does the stem-cell therapy conducted by springhill medical group effective?

I have been visiting this site, Springhill Health and Medical Group, and I find it very useful, in fact I tried every tip that I got and I guess it…

ASKED BY Member 1157338 on 2/28/13
TAGGED springhillmedicalgroup, healthnews IN News & Events

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Why would my 3 year old dog start pooping in the house when I'm at work suddenly?

The only changes that have happened in the last few months is that Gigi does not go to the doggie daycare EVERY thursday but now she goes 1-2 times…

ASKED BY Member 1146087 on 12/20/12
TAGGED regression, defiant, upset, mad, medicalcondition IN House Soiling

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Wat happens if a dog accidently eats an ectoparasite control liquid?

ive not seen a vet until nw but im tensed about da situation n want to know if anything will happen

ASKED BY Member 1119688 on 7/9/12
TAGGED labrador, ingested, skinlotion, medicalemergency IN Health & Wellness

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