Why is my Shiba's red markings so "faded"? Could it be related to her blowing her coat?

Hi! I recently rescued a darling Shiba, but immediately noticed that the red color most Shibas have was light on her. She's not a cream shiba, the red…

ASKED BY Hatsumomo 4 days, 23 hours ago
TAGGED shiba, color, shedding, blowingcoat, faded, light, markings IN Other Grooming

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My little Chi-pom Lydia is about 15 weeks old and has all of her shots. For the past two days she has been vomiting yell?

yellow bile. I read that this can be because she is hungry, but she doesn't want to eat. She wants to drink, so I put broth in so that she is…

ASKED BY Member 1227628 on 5/29/14
TAGGED vomiting, bile, foodaversion, yellow, bile, avocado, lethargic IN Illness & Disease

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My older jack russell is urinating slowly, as in dribble..we are not close to a vet...thanks?

my older jack russell is urinating slowly, as in a dribble....I am not close to a vet.....any suggestions, thanks

ASKED BY Member 1216588 on 3/18/14
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Low WBC and low platelets, but normal other labs, urine and fecal. Please help! What could it be?

My 7 year old female ridgeback mix breed wasn't acting herself - she was lethargic, loss of appetite, and honestly, just sad looking. She will eat but…

ASKED BY Kelsie on 11/22/13
TAGGED lowwbc, lowplatelets IN Health & Wellness

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Is there a low protein/low fat small bite kibble?

My eldest dog (13yrs in march) needs to go on low fat/low protein diet. She loves those wooden puzzles and stuff but the kibbles I'm finding for…

ASKED BY Member 1198507 on 11/9/13
TAGGED ibs, pancreatitis, lowfat, lowprotein, smallbitekibble IN Pet Food

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After being in season how long does it take for my aussie's coat to come back?

I have an australian shepherd, she is 12 months old and is in season for the first time. She has blown all her coat. I would love to show her, but…

ASKED BY Member 1191017 on 9/22/13
TAGGED shedding, coat, australianshepherd, blown IN Other Grooming

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Why is my dog's drool drying yellow?

My dog recently got into some red ants. I got them off of him pretty quickly but I'm pretty sure he got bit on his paws because he won't stop licking…

ASKED BY Member 1188636 on 9/5/13
TAGGED whydoesmydogsdroollookyellow IN Other Health & Wellness

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