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Why my puppy eats everything outside and never walks with me?

i got 3 months old Labrador Retriever Female Puppy, i bought because i love animals and i also needed support for jogging at morning, so i adopted…

ASKED BY Member 1249674 on 7/24/15
TAGGED annoyingsheneverrespectmeneverfollowmeeatseverything IN Behavior & Training

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Hello, I just got an 8 week old purebred Siberian husky starting raw diet has yellow mucousy diahrrea please help?

He was fed canned puppy food Tuesday girlfriend got nervous and gave it to him Sunday Monday prior only had organic chicken breast and thigh meat with…

ASKED BY Member 1243983 on 3/19/15
TAGGED rawfeedingpuppyyellowdiahrrea IN Food & Nutrition

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Whistle noise while eating?

My dog seems healthy besides, and breathes well, but for months I notice no matter what he's eating (soft wet food, kibble, small soft treats, etc…

ASKED BY Member 1243319 on 3/4/15
TAGGED respiratory, sounds, swallowing, breathing IN Other Health & Wellness

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How do we take care of our dogs need to relieve himself during a below zero cold snap? He is an 11 pound terrier mix?

My wife and I are new dog owners. What can we do?

ASKED BY Member 1239808 on 12/29/14
TAGGED cold, walks, belowzero IN Other Health & Wellness


I'm looking for a low cost clinic in Savannah, GA?

I am trying to get my new puppy started with vaccines. He is 7 wks and since I know he will need 3 rounds of parvo-distemper, I'd prefer a low cost…

ASKED BY Kairi on 12/9/14
TAGGED vaccines, low, cost IN Puppies

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Puppy help? (ROUNDworm, skin irritation etc)?

I'm puppy siting for a friend. she told me that the dog previously had roundworms but was treated by the vet about 2 months ago and put on the…

ASKED BY Member 1235013 on 10/2/14
TAGGED skinirritation, roundworm, yellowandredpatches, help IN Worms & Parasites


Why is my Shiba's red markings so "faded"? Could it be related to her blowing her coat?

Hi! I recently rescued a darling Shiba, but immediately noticed that the red color most Shibas have was light on her. She's not a cream shiba, the red…

ASKED BY Hatsumomo on 9/25/14
TAGGED shiba, color, shedding, blowingcoat, faded, light, markings IN Other Grooming

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My little Chi-pom Lydia is about 15 weeks old and has all of her shots. For the past two days she has been vomiting yell?

yellow bile. I read that this can be because she is hungry, but she doesn't want to eat. She wants to drink, so I put broth in so that she is…

ASKED BY Member 1227628 on 5/29/14
TAGGED vomiting, bile, foodaversion, yellow, bile, avocado, lethargic IN Illness & Disease

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