Could Merrick be making my dog sick? How do I know if its been recalled or changed?

I have a 2 year old Shichon (shihtzu/bichon). She's been eating merrick for about a year or so. She's never had any problems with it. Until last month…

ASKED BY Stella on 8/10/13
TAGGED merrick, food, sick, littledog, recalls, whitegums, whitetongue IN Pet Food

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Basset and Chihuahua fight around once a year unexpectedly. How can I prevent this?

My basset hound is a pretty passive dog. Nonetheless, approximately, once a year, she gets into a fight with my sister's chihuahua.Generally it is…

ASKED BY Member 1110619 on 5/13/12
TAGGED irregularaggressionbetweenabigdogandlittledog IN Aggression

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Should I be concerned about my 2 year old Catahoula when adopting a small chihuahua puppy?

I have a 2 year old Catahoula Leopard dog, that unlike most Catahoulas, is really relaxed and laid back. He is more of a lap dog than anything! Maxing…

ASKED BY Member 1062740 on 10/11/11
TAGGED bigdoglittledog, chihuahua, catahoula IN Behavior & Training

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My Havanese puppy Kasey gets along with big dogs but he is frightened of small dogs. Why?

Kasey is a runt weighing about 7 pounds. He loves to wrestle and play with big dogs but when I introduced him to my friends toy poodle Fifi he freaked…

ASKED BY Member 646098 on 8/10/11
TAGGED scared, bigdogs, littledogs, fifi IN Fears & Phobias

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Which is my chihuahua mixed with miniature pincher or dachshund?

we just got this puppy today and the lady told us it was chihuahua dachshund mix but we have been looking closely and we think its more of a miniature…

ASKED BY Member 998191 on 7/25/10
TAGGED mixlittledogs IN Chihuahua

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My dog has aggression and I don't know hot to stop it. Can anyone help?

My dog hates all dogs, (except the one she lives with) and whenever we're on a walk and another dog comes up to us, (or just passes us) she almost…

ASKED BY Member 841903 on 6/1/09
TAGGED aggression, littledogs, little, dogs, help, labradorretriever, labrador, retriever, naughtybehavior IN Aggression

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