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Older poodle fell down, couldn't get up. back legs out stiff, front legs not working right. is this a seizure? He's n?

13 yr old male. Dog sitting for parents. Change of environment stressful for him. Have not done anything yet but let him sleep to see if he…

ASKED BY Member 1211713 on 5/2/15
TAGGED senior, seizure, legsquitworking IN Health & Wellness

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How to heal a stiff leg?

I have a rescue dog. Mini poodle about 5-6 yrs old. She was a stray. Both rear legs seem weak and floppy. Left leg can bend but right leg is…

ASKED BY Member 1241635 on 1/29/15
TAGGED stiff, legs, rear, back IN Health & Wellness

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5 month old Great Dane front legs bending inwards?

This week is her 2nd week at obedience school. I sent her with her brand of dog food which our vet put her on and that is the science diet large breed…

ASKED BY Member 1237905 on 11/23/14
TAGGED legs IN Other Health & Wellness

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My dog fell about a month ago suddenly when he tried to sprint and could'nt walk and his front legs were stiff as sticks?

He is 3 years old mixed Labrador, he' small and has white eyes. After the incident he tried to walk but kept falling over and it about 2 days to…

ASKED BY Member 1195926 on 10/24/13
TAGGED legs, stiff, fall, walk, pain, unknownproblem IN Health & Wellness

Vixie Doodle

Three Legged Dog Harnesses?

My ChiPom recently became a three legged doggy. I have looked and looked for special harnesses for small dogs, but I have only found harnesses for big…

ASKED BY Vixie Doodle on 8/28/13
TAGGED harness, threeleggeddog, threelegs, accessories IN Other Health & Wellness

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My dog can't get up or walk?

Hi, My dog Charlie started walking real slow right after his surgery when he swallowed an underwear. At first we thought it was the stitches but then…

ASKED BY Member 1182854 on 7/28/13
TAGGED hindlegs, neurology, obstructionsurgery, cantgetup, cantpoop, cantwalk IN Health & Wellness

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Is my Chihuahua losing use of her hind legs?

My Chihuahua is 12 years old and recently I have noticed she occasionally has trouble walking on her hind legs. Sometimes she loses balance on them…

ASKED BY Member 1165211 on 4/15/13
TAGGED obesity, oldage, hindlegs IN Health & Wellness

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Border collie/aussie mix having repeated balance issues, vet has no clue what is wrong?

My dog, a 2yr old aussie/border collie mix, keeps having problems with her balance. I have taken her to two different vets. The first time she was…

ASKED BY Member 1140408 on 11/12/12
TAGGED balance, shakinglegs, dizzy, wobbling, headtilt, fever, earinfection IN Health & Wellness

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