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Deadly fights between 3 yr old German shepherd brothers since their father died. Any solutions?

I used to own 6 pure german shepherds 3 males and 3 females the males were the father and 2 sons and females were the mother and 2 doughters with…

ASKED BY Member 1212185 on 2/20/14
TAGGED deadly, fights, pack, leadership IN Other Behavior & Training

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Is there anything you can do if the dogs bond to one person in the household?

It's not that they dislike everyone else, it's that the oldest dog loves one person (my mom) the best, and it appears all of the other dogs follow…

ASKED BY Member 1140328 on 11/12/12
TAGGED positive, reinforcement, bond, leader, trust, treats, freefeeding, food IN Methods of Training

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Fully potty trained three year old shih tzu doing her business inside. Leadership issue?

I have three year old shih tzu, potty trained with full access to the backyard all day. It has been over a couple of months that she started to pee…

ASKED BY Member 1114534 on 6/7/12
TAGGED potty, leadership, training, packleader IN House Soiling


Why do some loose dogs become aggressive towards others when their owners come to collect them?

I've noticed when encountering loose dogs on my walks or jogs with my dog, that the dog usually doesn't turn aggressive until the owner either calls…

ASKED BY Esme on 5/4/11
TAGGED aggressive, packleader, socialization IN Behavior & Training


Gentle leader harness vs head collar?

I'm wondering what would work best on a pulling dog. I have a head collar for my dog Sig and i'm going to get something for my puppy Nova soon. I…

ASKED BY Nova on 12/4/10
TAGGED headcollargentleleader IN Collars & Leashes


Gentle Leader vs Halti (which is better?)?

I bought Daegan a Halti not too long ago because I wanted to take him to the town's Christmas parade (which he rather enjoyed too). At the parade…

ASKED BY Daegan on 12/9/09
TAGGED halti, gentleleader, walking, training, headcollar IN Leash Walking

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