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Why orthopedic dog beds necessary for large dogs?

Your lovely pets required beds but why orthopedic dog beds are necessary for your large dogs and small pets?

ASKED BY Member 1171927 on 5/25/13
TAGGED orthopedicdogbedsnyc, dogbedsforlargedogs, petbedsforlargedogs, extralargedogbeds, washabledogbeds IN Beds

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What is the breed of my dog?

I have had this dog 10 years now. But, I have never determined his breed. Here is his quick description: Large, Black & Brown, Long Tail, Looks a bit…

ASKED BY Member 1157724 on 3/3/13
TAGGED dogs, doberman, shepherd, labrador, mixedbreed, years, blackbrown, largedog, whatbreedishe IN Mixed Breeds

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I'm thinking of getting a new small mammal, but I already have a large dog, should I reconsider this?

I have a Lab/Pitt whatever Mutt at home, She hunts mice, But was very well behaved when we had a bird, The worst she did was get to close to him…

ASKED BY Member 1147924 on 1/2/13
TAGGED smallmammal, largedog, newpet IN Other Behavior & Training

Updating my home. It was recommended to me to have at least some of the hard flooring a wood or wood looking product?

Bamboo was recommended to me by a local lumber wood type flooring store. I'd prefer to stay away from laminate, as this is what I am replacing, it…

ASKED BY "Jazz" on 7/1/12
TAGGED flooring, woodflooring, largedogs, cleanflooring, homeupdates, doggiedoor, flooring IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Is it ok for my dog to stay indoors most of the day?

I have a 6 yr old Pit mix.. I've had him since he was 3 weeks old and always been indoor.. We moved to an Apt with a very small patio. He is…

ASKED BY Member 1086613 on 1/23/12
TAGGED indoor, walk, largedog IN Other Health & Wellness

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How can i walk my huge dogs?

We just adopted 2 newfoundland/great p./lab mixes that are 2 years old and have not been trained to walk on a leash. they are big dogs between…

ASKED BY Member 979272 on 4/2/10
TAGGED walks, largedogs IN Leash Walking

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Counter Surfing Help?

I have a four year old bernese mountain dog with a MAJOR counter surfing problem. She has to be supervised at all times because she will jump up and…

ASKED BY Member 963718 on 2/13/10
TAGGED countersurfing, bernese, food, largedog IN Other Behavior & Training

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