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My 5yr Border Collie has been barking with a hoarde voice now for about a month?

Took her to vet and she said its Kennel cough. She put her on Doxyfog antibiotics and gave her cortidone injection. But she is not coughing at all. Is…

ASKED BY Member 1123025 on 7/28/12
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My older dog has kennel cough and is on antibiotics. She sounds like she is dying?

We have two additional older rescue dogs and they share the house and water dish. The vet never told us to separate them and now we are worried the…

ASKED BY Member 1109271 on 5/4/12
TAGGED kennelcoughcontagioustootherdogs IN Health & Wellness

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I just adopted a 12 week old husky/collie. She is sometimes playful but mostly sleeps all day nothing seems to phase her?

I'm just curious to know if shes possibly sleeping so much because of the antibiotics that she's on for kennel cough or maybe huskys are just mello…

ASKED BY Member 1081523 on 1/2/12
TAGGED huskies, collies, temperment, kennelcough IN Other Health & Wellness

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When is safe to socialize my dog again after he has had kennel cough?

He has been treated by the vet for the past 3 days and is currently on medication. He is only 12 weeks old and I really want to start socializing…

ASKED BY Member 1038714 on 6/26/11
TAGGED kennelcough, socialization, puppy IN Illness & Disease

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Cani bring a dog with one shot left for kennel cough from canada to the US?

we want to adopt a dog from Canada and bring it to our home in the US. the dog has its rabies shots, appears to be healty, and kennel cough, it only…

ASKED BY Member 1010361 on 11/2/10
TAGGED canada, kennelcough, usa IN Travel & Recreation


Got Kennel Cough, am on cough suppresant and antibiotics, but nights are still horrible cough spells. Any suggestions?

Chewie got an allergic reaction to something on Saturday and his face swelled up to 2 times its size overnite. After some benadryl his swelling…

ASKED BY Chewie on 2/17/10
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We found out last week that i have Kennel Cough.Mom asked the vet several times if she should bring me in to see the vet?

I have been on ampacillen 500 many times since moving here from Florida and this did not get rid of it.Now i am on cefellexen and was told it was…

ASKED BY ~~~*LEXI*~~~ on 6/14/09
TAGGED vaccinations, kennelcough IN Illness & Disease

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