Housebreaking Emergency: recently adopted 3 year old English Bulldog with possible separation anxiety?

Recently adopted him from a lady who said she "didn't have time for him" bc of her job. I live in a small apt with thin walls and have adopted…

ASKED BY Heisenberg on 12/23/13
TAGGED training, separation, housebreaking, kennel, anxiety IN Behavior & Training

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Emergency! I need my dog's behavior stopped fast. He yelps, spins, and whines like crazy?

Okay, so my dog is a miniature Doberman. We got him from the pound and when it's time to go to sleep and we put him in the kennel, he starts…

ASKED BY Member 1205450 on 12/21/13
TAGGED dog, spin, spinning, emergency, yelping, whining, doberman, pound, kennel IN Other Behavior & Training

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Insecure pitbull chained outside, how can I get her to trust me so that I can move her to a more comfortable location?

My cousin left to go to school about two weeks ago and left a pitbull at my grandmothers. The pitbull is a female, who I assume is about 1 years of…

ASKED BY Member 1192275 on 9/30/13
TAGGED pitbull, insecure, trust, approach, chain, kennel, help, female IN Answers


Looking for a good dog boarder/kennel in Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State?

Looking for one where my 2 dogs can stay together, not be around a bunch of other dogs and eat their own food and get some actual attention and play…

ASKED BY Maiya on 9/26/13
TAGGED kennel, boarding, petsitting IN U.S. Pacific Northwest


Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise is 8 months old, and still has accidents in his kennel in the morning. He's Fixed. Help?

We just saw the vet the other day and he said that Rickie should be potty trained. We are not even close. We take him out alot, every morning…

ASKED BY Rickie on 10/4/12
TAGGED accidents, kennel, potty, trainging IN Behavior & Training

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