Skin issue help?

Hi there, I'm at a loss with my BFF right now, and please excuse his profile picture, I figured it might help to see some of the skin that's being…

ASKED BY Kingston on 4/15/14
TAGGED itchy, swollen, leathery, elephant, vet, baths, allergy IN Skin Problems

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Newly developed sweet spots. When we rub or scratch behind shoulder blades, he tenses up. Any thoughts?

We've had our German Shepherd/Pit mix for about 8 months now and just in the last week Ive noticed that he reacts to areas I call "sweet spots" behind…

ASKED BY Member 1203465 on 12/9/13
TAGGED sweetspot, itchy, scratching IN Skin Problems

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My kelpie/collie cross is constantly licking his anus. I have wormed him. It is red and swollen. What can I do?

I have not been able to see a vet as of yet, but if necessary, I will travel to see one.

ASKED BY Member 1195788 on 10/23/13
TAGGED itchyanus IN Health & Wellness

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My American bulldog puppies have bumps all over, their is no color to the bumps, only can see the raised short hair?

They are four and a half months old. Their mother has severe alleries. They had fleas when they came home, has been treated weekly, and think they…

ASKED BY Member 1188710 on 9/6/13
TAGGED allergies, health, skin, irritation, fleas, bumps, bump, itchy IN Health & Wellness

Zhang Fei

I have a very itchy back?

I am a shih tzu, 4 and a half years old. I have had a itchy back for a few months now, and my mum is really worried. She has taken me to the vet a…

ASKED BY Zhang Fei on 6/25/13
TAGGED food, shampoo, itchyback, allergy IN Food & Nutrition

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13yo Westie has extremely itchy muzzle?

My old West Highland White Terrier has never had issues with his skin at all but has always has been prone to bad ear infections that have to be…

ASKED BY Member 1173961 on 6/6/13
TAGGED muzzle, itchy, westie, old, angus IN Health & Wellness

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