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URGENT!! Puppy aggressive to my older dog, had her for over year... Fighting is and issue and hurt my dad badly?

Hi, I have two dogs (girl rescues). One is about 7 and the other 1.5. The older one is a docile border collie mix, the other probably pit bull and…

ASKED BY Member 1228612 on 6/12/14
TAGGED help, urgent, dangerous, biting, dominant, aggressive, puppy, relocation, home, injury, problem, serious IN Behavior & Training

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How do I cure my dogs depression?

My dog has always been abundant with high energy. About 2 months ago though, she tore her ACL, and has been forced to heal herself in the house…

ASKED BY Member 1206914 on 12/31/13
TAGGED energy, attitude, aclinjury, help IN Health & Wellness


Cut/Scrape on Paw Help with Bandaging?

So I noticed Hank has chewed a spot raw on his paw, I cleaned it with peroxide and triple antibiotic ointment(Generic neopsorin) and wrapped it is…

ASKED BY Hank on 12/3/13
TAGGED vetwrap, sorepaw, minorinjury, youngdog IN Health & Wellness


My dog seems to be limping on her front left leg?

My dog seems to be limping on her front left leg. I noticed it this morning about an hour to an hour and a half after I woke up. The first thing I…

ASKED BY Roxy on 8/9/13
TAGGED dog, injury, limping, paw IN Health & Wellness


My yorkie is nearly 4yrs old and overweight, the vet said she should be 5lbs but is 20lbs!!! yesterday while flying for?

poppy is nearly 4yrs old she is a yorkshire terrier, she started to gain weight after being spade,took her to vet today and she 20lbs!Yesterday she…

ASKED BY poppy on 5/4/13
TAGGED injuryedleg, overweight, diet IN Obesity


Are there any physical therapy exercises/stretches or supplements that would help a compressed disc at L1?

I recently found out my Alaskan husky (7yo) has a compressed disc at L1. It does not cause any functional limitations and is only occasionally…

ASKED BY Banshee on 2/11/13
TAGGED compresseddisc, spine, injury, physicaltherapy, supplements IN Alternative Treatments

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