Why Is German Shepherd Border Collie Mix Limping?

My dog recently (about 20 minutes ago) started limping. We noticed when we first got her that when she runs too much, she often limps very…

ASKED BY Weezie on 9/8/14
TAGGED injury, leg, limping IN Emergencies & First Aid

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URGENT!! Puppy aggressive to my older dog, had her for over year... Fighting is and issue and hurt my dad badly?

Hi, I have two dogs (girl rescues). One is about 7 and the other 1.5. The older one is a docile border collie mix, the other probably pit bull and…

ASKED BY Member 1228612 on 6/12/14
TAGGED help, urgent, dangerous, biting, dominant, aggressive, puppy, relocation, home, injury, problem, serious IN Behavior & Training

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How do I cure my dogs depression?

My dog has always been abundant with high energy. About 2 months ago though, she tore her ACL, and has been forced to heal herself in the house…

ASKED BY Member 1206914 on 12/31/13
TAGGED energy, attitude, aclinjury, help IN Health & Wellness

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Cut/Scrape on Paw Help with Bandaging?

So I noticed Hank has chewed a spot raw on his paw, I cleaned it with peroxide and triple antibiotic ointment(Generic neopsorin) and wrapped it is…

ASKED BY Member 1201393 on 12/3/13
TAGGED vetwrap, sorepaw, minorinjury, youngdog IN Health & Wellness


My dog seems to be limping on her front left leg?

My dog seems to be limping on her front left leg. I noticed it this morning about an hour to an hour and a half after I woke up. The first thing I…

ASKED BY Roxy on 8/9/13
TAGGED dog, injury, limping, paw IN Health & Wellness


My yorkie is nearly 4yrs old and overweight, the vet said she should be 5lbs but is 20lbs!!! yesterday while flying for?

poppy is nearly 4yrs old she is a yorkshire terrier, she started to gain weight after being spade,took her to vet today and she 20lbs!Yesterday she…

ASKED BY poppy on 5/4/13
TAGGED injuryedleg, overweight, diet IN Obesity

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