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Winston Smith

What mix do you think my doggie is?

Check my dog's gallery for pictures! He weighs ~13 kgs and he's ~40cms tall. Thanks a lot!

ASKED BY Winston Smith on 12/15/13
TAGGED breedidentification, guess, identification IN Mixed Breeds

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I am going to be adopting a dog from a shelter soon. I am curious to know if anyone knows what this dog is?

I have never adopted a dog from a shelter before. I figured this time around instead of buying from a breeder I would adopt a dog, provide a good…

ASKED BY Member 1201777 on 11/28/13
TAGGED puppy, dog, identification IN Choosing the Right Pet


Is this dog a German Short Haired Pointer? We adopted him from the pound. What do you think?

We adopted this puppy under the title "Lab mix" from the local Humane Society, but I believe he is actually a black German Short Haired Pointer. He…

ASKED BY Beckett on 11/24/12
TAGGED breeds, german, pointer, mixed, id, identification, type, breedtype, rescue, humane, humansociety, pound, lab, labrador, black IN Breeds

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Any idea what the breed is of my new rescue girl?

She is brindle with white tipped toes; more solid colored tail. The rescue said pit mix - trying to figure out what the "mix" part is. Her hair is…

ASKED BY Member 992811 on 6/16/10
TAGGED breeds, breed, id, pitbull, pitbull, mix, mixedbreed, breedidentification IN Mixed Breeds


What Do you think my dog is mixed with?

Both my Dogs Parents were Chihuahua, but his mom was kinda big, and his brother and sister were pretty small he was the largest. I was wondering if…

ASKED BY Othello on 6/15/10
TAGGED breedidentification IN Chihuahua


Is my dog a Brazilian Terrier?

Hi All, We got Bindi just over a year ago & the person we got her from said that she was a Fox Terrier cross. We didn’t know which breed of…

ASKED BY Bindi on 2/23/10
TAGGED identification IN Brazilian Terrier


Please help identify this breed?

We would like to find out what breed this puppy in the photo is? Please help? A photo of the puppy can be found at the following link…

ASKED BY Río on 11/8/09
TAGGED breed, identification, puppy, black, small, dog, photo IN Breeds

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