Desperately need help?

I need help. I'm absolutely at my wit's end with our beagle puppy Murphy. She's six months old, and a holy terror. She DESTROYS everything in her…

ASKED BY Murphy on 10/9/15
TAGGED chewing, barking, housetraining, help, trouble IN Behavior & Training

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Problem with house training?

We have a 2 year old basset hound. Beautiful dog but he is from a very irresponsible breeder (we did not know until after we had picked him up). We…

ASKED BY Member 1249092 on 7/8/15
TAGGED housetraining IN Crate Training

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Are St. Bernard harder to train then any other breed?

First time owning a st. Bernard and it is proving extremely difficult to train him. I've owned a husky and a golden retriever, and both were easy to…

ASKED BY Member 1248280 on 6/18/15
TAGGED housetraining, saintbernardpuppy, breedquestions, generaltraining, excessivebarking IN House Soiling

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Deaf pit house training?

I just adopted a now 14 week old deaf pit, He is very well behaved, except he hasn't figured out how to let me know when he needs to go out. what i…

ASKED BY Member 1244528 on 3/31/15
TAGGED deaf, puppy, housetraining IN Behavior & Training


Pup bathrooming in the i for attention?

Hi Guys! I recently adopted an 11 month old rat terrier/lab mix from the shelter. Not much is known of his history as the shelter got him at age 9…

ASKED BY Apollo on 2/28/15
TAGGED bathroom, attention, housebreaking, housetraining, pee, urinate, poop, behavior IN Behavior & Training

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Dog will only go to the bathroom on walks?

We adopted a boxer mix 2 months ago. Over all he is an awesome dog but he absolutely refuses to go the bathroom in our yard on his chain, he acts like…

ASKED BY Member 1218793 on 3/28/14
TAGGED housetraining, leashtraining IN Behavior & Training


How do I get my dog to stop peeing in the house?

I have a 4 year old Keeshond/terrier mix and he has a very bad habit of marking his territory in the house. He lifts his leg on everything( walls…

ASKED BY Dakoda on 1/16/14
TAGGED bad, peeing, housetraining, help IN House Soiling

Prince Vlad

Any Alaskan Malamute owners out there? I have a 16 week old male named Prince Vlad and he's doing pretty good about goin?

We are house training our 15 week old Mal. He's really a good boy, but I can't tell when he needs to go out and when he just wants to go out to…

ASKED BY Prince Vlad on 1/13/14
TAGGED housetraining, training IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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