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My 11 m/o German Shepard puppy refuses to housebreak?

My 11 m/o G.S puppy is taken out several times during the day. If he's out of his crate, he can go as long as 2 1/2 hours between outings. But if he's…

ASKED BY Member 1233587 on 9/7/14
TAGGED potty, housebreaking, germanshepard IN House Soiling

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5 yr old Pomeranian puppy mill rescue, need help with house breaking?

I have a 5 yr old puppy mill rescue Pomeranian, I'm having an extremely difficult time house breaking her. I have tried everything. But she just…

ASKED BY Member 1212717 on 2/23/14
TAGGED housebreaking, puppymillrescue, adultpomeranian IN Pomeranian


Housebreaking Emergency: recently adopted 3 year old English Bulldog with possible separation anxiety?

Recently adopted him from a lady who said she "didn't have time for him" bc of her job. I live in a small apt with thin walls and have adopted…

ASKED BY Heisenberg on 12/23/13
TAGGED training, separation, housebreaking, kennel, anxiety IN Behavior & Training


18 month old mini dachshund still not housebroken and seems to have separation anxiety?

Ive had my Lucy since she was 12 weeks and i have tried everything to house break her. i tried crate training but she had no problem making a mess…

ASKED BY Lucy on 12/20/13
TAGGED minidachshund, housebreaking, separationanxiety IN Behavior & Training

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How to house train my dachshund? HELP?

We leave the house around 715am and get back home around 330 or 4pm most days. We feed and walk the dogs in the morning, as soon as we get home, and…

ASKED BY Member 1191135 on 9/22/13
TAGGED dachshund, dog, training, housetraining, housebreaking, peeinginside, poopinginside IN Behavior & Training


How do you get your Maltese puppy to "potty" outside when it's cold or rainy out?

My Maltese will only potty outside if the weather is perfect (i.e. sunny, blue skies, 70+ degrees). He literally freaks out if it is rainy or cold or…

ASKED BY Teddy on 9/17/13
TAGGED newengland, housebreaking, housetraining, potty, cold, rainy, rain, wet, peepad IN Other Behavior & Training

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