Help? Can't upload photos?

I'm trying to add a new dog and it won't let me post her page until a photo is uploaded. I'm having such trouble. Every time I try to upload one, I…

ASKED BY Abby 3 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED photos, errors IN The Dogster Website


Hotspots, itchy skin, allergies, high ALT, and no answers for six years. Liver?

Answer not question. Zackary on Rimadyl because of arthritis at an early age which I thought was weird but the veterinarian said so,I had no issues…

ASKED BY Zack on 6/3/14
TAGGED arthritis, emergencies, hotspots, skinproblems, medications, alt, parasites IN Allergies

Bakari Prince of Tides

How do I save photos from my dogster page?

When I right click my dogster photos it says save to folder....what folder??? How else can I save my photos from my page?

ASKED BY Bakari Prince of Tides on 1/16/14
TAGGED save, photos IN The Dogster Website


Home Remedies for hot spots/terrible itching?

Bear is not my dog, he's a friend's dog. Lately, Bear has had a terrible hot spot on his rump that's been getting worse. My Lab had a similar…

ASKED BY Shasta on 10/14/13
TAGGED hotspot, chewing, bleeding IN Skin Problems

Guest Member Since

Where would be a good place to try and sell some pet photography photos?

I take pictures of my dogs and cats (high quality). Where should I try to sell them? Magazines?

ASKED BY Member 1162182 on 4/5/13
TAGGED dog, photography, photo, photos, animals, sell, products IN Answers

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I live on a farm in central Kentucky (Garrard County). Last night at around 11 PM, my husband and I thought we heard sev?

I have had no arguments with my neighbors.

ASKED BY Member 1158698 on 3/9/13
TAGGED mydogwasshot IN Animal Welfare

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My neighbor said they would love to shoot my dog because he barks to much? Tonight someone shot him with a pellet gun?

Dog is a 8 month old Walker Hound, I have a 6" fence around two city lots in my back yard where the dogs go out for a few hours at a time when nobody…

ASKED BY Member 1153005 on 2/1/13
TAGGED hound, shot, neighbor, bark, pellet, gun, police IN Laws & Legislation

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