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Is it ok to leave a puppy home alone during the day?

I have a 3 month old puppy. Me and my husband both work 8-5 during the week. We have trained him to go to the bathroom on his wee wee pad and he is…

ASKED BY Member 1247511 on 6/2/15
TAGGED homealone IN Crate Training

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Whats best for the puppy during the day?

Hi All, We have been offered the opportunity to get a beautiful white GS dog. In our minds we have ticked all the boxes except one and I would like…

ASKED BY Member 1227948 on 6/3/14
TAGGED homealone, goingtowork IN Health & Wellness

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I have a 1 year old French Bulldog, when I leave the house to go to work he ends up destroying the sofa?

Is there any suggestions that could help us to get him out of this habit?! We have tried covering the sofa etc but he digs the blankets etc out of the…

ASKED BY Member 1202809 on 12/5/13
TAGGED separation, chewing, digging, sofa, furniture, homealone IN Separation Anxiety


I think I have a claustrophobic puppy (16 weeks old)?

I think I have a claustrophobic puppy (16 weeks old). I have been working with my puppy to get him crate trained for weeks now. He hates it, he will…

ASKED BY Atlas on 1/3/13
TAGGED crate, claustrophobic, homealone, barking IN Separation Anxiety

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I can't tell if my 6 month old female lab likes doggy daycare or not. She seems frightened and stressed out. The staff s?

Since I have enrolled my dog in doggy daycare she seems to be less confident and very submissive when dogs approach her.

ASKED BY Member 1133142 on 9/28/12
TAGGED dogdaycare, homealoneduringtheday, dogwalkers IN Behavior & Training


Leaving nervous dog at home by himself for the weekend?

I asked the question about leaving my nervous dog by himself and got the answer to crate him so he's not destroying anything. I am getting ready to…

ASKED BY Deegan on 6/16/12
TAGGED leavingyearolddoghomealoneforaweekend IN Behavior & Training


When is it ok to leave my dog home alone after spay surgery?

Our vet said to see how she does. Here's how it has gone so far: She was spayed yesterday and slept through the early evening. She woke up and…

ASKED BY Bella on 3/24/12
TAGGED spay, worried, homealone IN Spaying & Neutering


My 9 m/o French Bulldog gets into things when we leave her alone.…

Up until about 2 weeks ago our French Bulldog was perfect when we left her home alone. She didn't get into things or tear things up. The past couple…

ASKED BY Ramona on 1/12/12
TAGGED frenchbulldog, homealone, behaviour IN Behavior & Training

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