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Is my pug pregnant?

She has been in heat for about 3 weeks now and on the last week we let a friend watch her. The friend has dogs that she "said" are fixed and my dog…

ASKED BY Member 1231528 on 8/10/14
TAGGED pug, pregnant, heat, heatcycle, nipples, vulva, enlarged IN Pregnancy

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Puppy has diarrhea, tips to do before going to vet?

Hello, I have recently received a puppy that's about a 10 weeks and isn't eating the food the previous owner had provided us. I believe he has…

ASKED BY Member 1228250 on 6/7/14
TAGGED diarrheatipsdiysolutions IN Health & Wellness

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PLZ HELP URGENT DOG HAS SERERVE ALLERGIES!! need advice been to the vet 4 times?

Hello guys im really desperate with my poor dog's issue I have a 3 year old copper nose beagel and i love him with all my heart. He has server…

ASKED BY Member 1219001 on 3/29/14
TAGGED allergiesproblems, overheating, sneezing, attackinghimself, help, dogissuffering IN Illness & Disease

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14 month old boxer, still no heat?

i have a 14 month old boxer gal, who still has not gone into heat! i was waiting for her to have her first heat before i had her spayed, but went…

ASKED BY Member 1213353 on 2/26/14
TAGGED boxer, heat, female, cleftpalate IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Is black cohoch a safe and efficient method for herbal induced abortion for my dog?

I have a 9 month old pup in her 1st heat who mated with her father! We have 2 concerns: Deformities from inbreeding,and her size and age. Shes still…

ASKED BY Member 1197595 on 11/4/13
TAGGED mate, accidentalmate, puppy, pregnant, youngpregnancy, abortion, herbalabortion, inbreed, heat, heatcycle, safe, dangerous IN Pregnancy

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When will her coat come back after being in season?

My aussie was in heat for the first time, she is 12 months old. She has blown all her coat. I was wondering when her coat will come back? Thanks…

ASKED BY Member 1191017 on 9/25/13
TAGGED aussie, heat, australianshepherd, coat IN Australian Shepherd

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Is it normal for a dog in heat to want to be alone?

1 year old schnauzer, since she has been in heat she just wants to go hide all day. For example she has been hiding in the far corner of our…

ASKED BY Member 1177919 on 7/1/13
TAGGED dogsinheat IN Health & Wellness

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