How to keep dog still during grooming?

I am a big skeptic when it comes to anyone handling my dogs. Recently, we adopted a Chihuahua mix. She has very thick hair, so we give her grooming…

ASKED BY Bambi on 5/30/14
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Pomeranian short is too short?

I've just adopted an adult pom. I want to get him trimmed for sanitary purposes (at least). However, I was also thinking about getting him trimmed…

ASKED BY Member 1146450 on 12/24/12
TAGGED pomeranian, hair, cut, haircut, double, coat IN Other Grooming


Should I trim my Pekepom?

My name is Andy, and my hair is getting really long. Its very soft and whispy, but its very unruly and I cant keep up with brushing it. My human…

ASKED BY Andy on 9/30/12
TAGGED pekingese, pomeranian, haircut, scissors IN Home Grooming

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My daughters allergies are getting worse we have a siberian husky. I need to cut her hair or give away HELP?

I have a groomer who says I can get her hair cut, not shaved. The dog was given to us. I thought we could make it, but my daughter is getting…

ASKED BY Member 1099963 on 3/14/12
TAGGED husky, allergies, haircuts IN Grooming

Desmond CGC

So when it comes to giving haircuts to double coated breeds.…

I know you are never to shave a double coated breed to the skin unless it's for a medical reason, but exactly how short CAN you take the hair…

ASKED BY Desmond CGC on 2/4/10
TAGGED shaving, double, coated, breeds, trimming, haircuts, safety IN Grooming

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Tick prevention while hiking. The medications, they do nathing?

On our last camping trip,our pooch picked up 27 ticks in four days, plus another 4 I found in the tent and my sleeping bag. This was despite…

ASKED BY Member 706825 on 7/6/09
TAGGED hiking, ticks, tick, shaving, hair, haircut, spaniel IN Flea & Tick Prevention

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My shiz shu puppy needs a hair cut. I am not looking to give it a puppy cut. What other cuts are there that is more?

natural looking. Is there web sites about this? And show you pictures of the different cuts.... Please tell me what are the different cuts a puppy…

ASKED BY Member 713128 on 8/24/08
TAGGED groomingandhaircuts IN Grooming

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