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I need help with an aggressive dog?

My dog is super sweet! She is so friendly with all dogs and people OFF the leash. BUT when she is on the leash or constrained by anything (ex: in a…

ASKED BY Member 1248774 13 hours, 18 minutes ago
TAGGED aggressive, growl, bark, leash IN Behavior & Training

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Aggressive and possessive shelter dog?

1 year old Italian greyhuahua (we think) has been becoming increasingly aggressive and possessive. She now growls at my family member who live in…

ASKED BY Member 1248431 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED food, toys, growling IN Aggression

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Me and My dog get along great, so why does he randomly growl at me? Do I let it slide or discipline him?

Sometimes my dog growls at me. He has done it if I am trying to look at his privates (which I don't yell at him for since I assume I'm a girl so he…

ASKED BY Member 1248152 2 weeks, 1 day ago
TAGGED growl IN Behavior & Training

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Sudden aggression towards someone who loves him?

My 4 year old maltipoo who is a fun and loving but sometimes a timid fellow has become extremely aggressive in the last 6 months towards my…

ASKED BY Member 1247520 on 6/2/15
TAGGED aggression, behavior, growling, barking, biting IN Aggression

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My Puppy bites and growls at me?

I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel since a couple weeks now and most of the time, she is a lovely little girl. Recently she started to begin to…

ASKED BY Member 1245394 on 4/18/15
TAGGED puppy, biting, growling, agression IN Behavior & Training

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My puppy is about 3 months old and hides under the bed and growls if I try to get her out?

Hi, I recently got a puppy from an ad when she was about 8 weeks. The kids of the family played very rough with her but she was very sweet when I…

ASKED BY Member 1243709 on 3/13/15
TAGGED puppy, growling, fear, hiding IN Behavior & Training


How can i reduce my border collie's food aggression and OCD habits?

Hello, I have a 2 year old border collie who has been quite troublesome all his life. He runs around constantly in the same circle and has made a…

ASKED BY Pablo on 1/14/15
TAGGED food, aggression, ocd, bordercollie, dominance, workingdog, biting, growling IN Behavior & Training

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My dog is afraid of strangers and growls & barks when they come near. He also is aggressive around other large dogs?

My husband and I are In an RV traveling with our 4 year old St. Bernard/Great Pyraneese cross. I know back on the acreage at home I didn't…

ASKED BY Member 1240589 on 1/11/15
TAGGED stoppingbarking, unwantedgrowling, aggression, scared, fearful IN Aggression

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