How big will my rottweiler mix get?

Hi my pup is mixed with rottweiler and pitbull ( i think the pitbull is mixed she looks mixed in my opinion but they say she full pit ) my question is…

ASKED BY Midnight on 7/25/15
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Will my pitt/rotti mix grow as big as a rotti?

Hi I recently got a pitt/rotti mix (though i cnt see the pit in her) i love her but i've been getting some crap about her lookin like a mongrel my…

ASKED BY Member 1249603 on 7/23/15
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Poodle/Berner mix pup randomly bites, lunges, growls. Why?

He is a great pup most the time, passed puppy kindergarden, but he has these random fits where he lunges and growls and bites. It has only happens…

ASKED BY Tuck on 7/10/15
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6 month old bernedoodle randomly lunges, snarls, and bites me, rips my clothes while on walks. Why?! How do I stop it?

He is a great pup most of the time, passed puppy kindergarten, but he has these fits where he lunges, growls and bites. It has only happened with…

ASKED BY Member 1249108 on 7/9/15
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I need help with an aggressive dog?

My dog is super sweet! She is so friendly with all dogs and people OFF the leash. BUT when she is on the leash or constrained by anything (ex: in a…

ASKED BY Member 1248774 on 6/30/15
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Aggressive and possessive shelter dog?

1 year old Italian greyhuahua (we think) has been becoming increasingly aggressive and possessive. She now growls at my family member who live in…

ASKED BY Member 1248431 on 6/22/15
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Me and My dog get along great, so why does he randomly growl at me? Do I let it slide or discipline him?

Sometimes my dog growls at me. He has done it if I am trying to look at his privates (which I don't yell at him for since I assume I'm a girl so he…

ASKED BY Member 1248152 on 6/15/15
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My dog its 2Month but i need somthing to grow his Fur-skin without that he looks ugly?

My dog its a Border collie mix, all dogs of this type have like 20-25cm fur and mine its under 5cm i know maybe his fur will never grow up but without…

ASKED BY Member 1248111 on 6/15/15
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