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My dog has changed from a great dog to a fearful one, please help?

Looking for info from a behaviorist of some sort, I have a 2 1/2 year old Dogo Argentino, Who has issues with strangers, hes fearful, He used to be…

ASKED BY Member 1238579 1 week, 5 days ago
TAGGED fearfearfuldogdogoargentinogrowlwindowbehaviormodificationaggressionfearfulscaredhackles IN Fears & Phobias

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Is it normal for a german shepherd/ pitbull mix 5 week old puppy to bite hands and clothes really hard?

I have a 5 week old german shepherd/ pitbull mix puppy who growls when I play with her and constantly bites on hands really hard and tugs on my…

ASKED BY Member 1238269 2 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED biting, growling, puppy IN Other Behavior & Training

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I have a 7 month old, 65lb female Great Pyrenees. Her parents were 125 a piece any idea on adult weight?

ASKED BY Member 1237501 on 11/16/14
TAGGED size, growth IN Great Pyrenees

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Why is my dog getting more and more protective of me with other dogs?

I adopted my dog a year ago and he is now a year and five months. He was the runt of his litter but he has grown into a very tall 80+lb pup. He has…

ASKED BY Member 1227417 on 5/22/14
TAGGED protective, puppy, shepherd, stalking, snapping, growling, circling, behavior IN Aggression


What is head splitting / skull splitting? And when does it happen in the Dogue De Bordeaux breed?

We were at group training class and the trainer asked "How old is he now?" then followed with "Oh, his head should be splitting soon." What is head…

ASKED BY Empereur on 4/16/14
TAGGED split, splitting, skull, head, growth, widen, broaden IN Dogue de Bordeaux

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How do we stop our dog from being food aggressive?

Our 7-year old black lab/golden retriever mix has always growled and snarled when people come near her and her food or bone. The problem is, our…

ASKED BY Member 1208566 on 1/30/14
TAGGED foodaggression, resourceguarding, kids, children, childrenanddogs, kidsanddogs, foodbowl, boneaggression, growling IN Behavior & Training

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Why is my dog snapping?

I have a dog named Charlie. He is a 2 yr old mutt. He normally is a goofy, loving, somewhat hyper, bulldozer (I mean that in the best way possible…

ASKED BY Member 1207202 on 1/2/14
TAGGED snapping, agression, growling, weirdbehaviors IN Aggression

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