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Help! A commercial flea treatment has not worked for my dogs at all...and both the vet and manufacturer are in denial?

We've used Frontline for several years. Last year, 2011, it simply did not all. I wrote the vet and the manufacturer; they insisted…

ASKED BY Member 1134916 on 10/9/12
TAGGED fleas, frontline, vet, veterinarian, fleatreatment IN Flea & Tick Prevention

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Frontline Plus help?

I used Frontline Plus on my 8 month old dog yesterday. She was jumping a lot so it was already hard enough to pull back her hair and appy all of the…

ASKED BY Member 1123923 on 8/3/12
TAGGED frontlineplus, medication, ticks, tick IN Medications

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Scabs on westies lower stomach?

Four days ago I discovered patches of scabs on the lower half of my westie's stomach. At first I though it was just an area that she had scratched…

ASKED BY Member 1030588 on 4/14/11
TAGGED scabs, rash, westie, fleas, advantage, frontline IN Health & Wellness

Scruffy (RIP)

Smaller Doses Of Frontline Plus On Larger Dog?

I'm asking this question out of sheer curiosity. I use Frontline Plus every month on my dogs. My dog is 51 lbs so we use the purple Frontline Plus…

ASKED BY Scruffy (RIP) on 11/30/10
TAGGED frontline, fleas, ticks IN Flea & Tick Prevention

The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC)

How do I get to the contest?

How do I get to the Frontline photo contest that was held a while ago? I want to see who won. Please help!

ASKED BY The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC) on 9/20/10
TAGGED frontline, photo, contest, help IN Contests and Fun

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Frontline Plus, K-9 Advantix or Advantage? Which is best?

I just adopted a 10mo pit mix and need to invest in flea/tick treatment... which is better, Frontline Plus, K-9 Advantix or Advantage?? Any…

ASKED BY Member 999113 on 8/2/10
TAGGED flea, tick, mosquito, frontline, advantix, advantage, bug IN Flea & Tick Prevention


How long after microchip for spot flea/tick treatment?

Hi, Buffy just got microchipped in the past week and she is due for her Frontline Plus this week. I was wondering if I have to wait a certain amount…

ASKED BY Buffy on 7/19/10
TAGGED microchip, frontline IN Flea & Tick Prevention

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I'm considering getting some sort of flea and tick medication for my Husky. What should I use?

I've heard of Frontline Plus from the Dog Whisperer and on the television but what do you suggest?

ASKED BY Member 978347 on 3/29/10
TAGGED frontlineplus, flea, tick, husky IN Flea & Tick Prevention

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