Financial Problems Giving Dogs Away Only Option?

So my sister recently got a divorce from her husband and she is stuck with their 4 dogs.. Shes been trying to maintain them as much as she could but…

ASKED BY Monty on 8/24/11
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My dog needs surgery and medication. I have been out of work for 6 mos. now?

It seems it started when she got a lump on her hip. At first it was small, and the vet said it was no big deal. But now it's huge, about the size of…

ASKED BY Member 1030572 on 4/14/11
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Juno is ill- what could it be and how much do you think treatment would cost? I need financial help? please help?

Hello all, Juno's mum speaking. On October 13th, Juno was attacked by the neighbor's 130lb German Shepherd who we are watching for two months since…

ASKED BY Member 409208 on 11/2/08
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