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Is there a low protein/low fat small bite kibble?

My eldest dog (13yrs in march) needs to go on low fat/low protein diet. She loves those wooden puzzles and stuff but the kibbles I'm finding for…

ASKED BY Member 1198507 on 11/9/13
TAGGED ibs, pancreatitis, lowfat, lowprotein, smallbitekibble IN Pet Food

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Jack Russell puppy has an abnormally large and bloated tummy?

This morning we got a baby Jack Russel, +- 8 weeks old and he was super small. However, 5 hours later his belly is looking ABNORMALLY large and…

ASKED BY Member 1155668 on 2/17/13
TAGGED tummy, stomach, bloated, fat, puppy, large, worms, overeat IN Puppies

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My dog might be eating way too much meat?

My mom sometimes gives my dog a half a bowl of old pork or a full chicken leg. I tell her not to give him it but she says she doesn't want to…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 8/12/12
TAGGED too, much, fat, treats, treat, family, mom, mother, dog, puppy, meat, chicken, beef, ham, training IN Food & Nutrition

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My dog ran into a tree this weekend, could this have caused the fatty deposit like bump on his chest?

We found what we've thought is a fatty deposit on my Wheaten Terrier's chest. This seems to have popped up in the last few days. We became concerned…

ASKED BY Member 1063362 on 10/14/11
TAGGED fattydeposit, injury, lump IN Health & Wellness


Could my dog have hypothyroidism? Is it serious? What does it do? Please help?

My recently adopted dog, Suzy, was very fat when we adopted her. Morbidly OBESE. Shes lost a few pounds, and is down to approx. 38 lbs. She does…

ASKED BY Isabella "Bella" on 9/11/11
TAGGED hypothyroidism, obesity, fat, beagle, skin, brown, discoloration, flaky, skin IN Obesity

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I need help! Mix breed cutie?

I need help! what is my puppy mixed with!! The guy at the pet shop said she is a boxer mix. she is about 10 weeks old and she is a bit obese here…

ASKED BY Member 1034050 on 5/16/11
TAGGED boxer, puppy, fat, cute, sweet, shirt IN Puppies

Yuki Joy

Is this normal? He looks sick?

Just found this little guy and i couldnt leave him out there. Im taking this little guy to the vet tomorrow but until then i wanna know what you…

ASKED BY Yuki Joy on 4/28/11
TAGGED halfofbodyfathalfskinny IN Health & Wellness

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My two year old staffy has very large nipples after her first season and they have stayed that way?

She also has a fatty undercarrage but is not over weight.

ASKED BY Member 1030389 on 4/13/11
TAGGED largenipplesandfattyundercarrage IN Other Health & Wellness

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