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Dog went limp and unresponsive?

This morning I woke up and my dog, a 3 y.o. min pin, was fine but all of a sudden his breathing became I erratic and stopped. Concerned, I picked…

ASKED BY Member 1242289 on 2/12/15
TAGGED seizure, unresponsive, notbreathing, eyesopen IN Health & Wellness


Can Malinois have two different eyes?

I found this dog on the streets as a puppy and he clearly had no owner. I thought he was a shepherd mix until I discovered the Malinois breed. He…

ASKED BY Tucker on 1/1/15
TAGGED eyes, malinois IN Belgian Malinois

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Why does my dog's left eye have a brown ring around it?

I havent seen a vet yet but I think that she may be blind in her eye. The browness is around the pupil and then kind of spreads out into the white…

ASKED BY Member 1207024 on 1/1/14
TAGGED eyes, blindness IN Other Health & Wellness

Sir Buddy Stubbs

How Do I flush Out my Puppys eyes?

I just got back from the Vet for my 12 week shots - ouchie. While I was there Buddy had a ear flush (Trizultra +Keto) but the assistant got it in…

ASKED BY Sir Buddy Stubbs on 11/19/13
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Why the recent increase in white "junk" in corners of my healthy dog's eyes?

10 year old healthy terrier has more than usual "schmootz" in eye corners. I gently wipe with soft wet tissue and her eyes are clear and clean. No…

ASKED BY Kasha on 9/13/13
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What's wrong with my dog's eyes?

So I went to camp for a week and came back on August 2nd to find my dog had some sort of injury or something on his left eye. I thought it would heal…

ASKED BY Member 1187504 on 8/28/13
TAGGED dog, eyes, help IN Emergencies & First Aid

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