Can Malinois have two different eyes?

I found this dog on the streets as a puppy and he clearly had no owner. I thought he was a shepherd mix until I discovered the Malinois breed. He…

ASKED BY Tucker on 1/1/15
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Why does my dog's left eye have a brown ring around it?

I havent seen a vet yet but I think that she may be blind in her eye. The browness is around the pupil and then kind of spreads out into the white…

ASKED BY Member 1207024 on 1/1/14
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Sir Buddy Stubbs

How Do I flush Out my Puppys eyes?

I just got back from the Vet for my 12 week shots - ouchie. While I was there Buddy had a ear flush (Trizultra +Keto) but the assistant got it in…

ASKED BY Sir Buddy Stubbs on 11/19/13
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Why the recent increase in white "junk" in corners of my healthy dog's eyes?

10 year old healthy terrier has more than usual "schmootz" in eye corners. I gently wipe with soft wet tissue and her eyes are clear and clean. No…

ASKED BY Kasha on 9/13/13
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What's wrong with my dog's eyes?

So I went to camp for a week and came back on August 2nd to find my dog had some sort of injury or something on his left eye. I thought it would heal…

ASKED BY Member 1187504 on 8/28/13
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Brown patches on white of eye?

Hi I have an 8 year old shih tzu...he's in great shape, naps most of the day, and has his burst of energy. The vet says if he didn't know his…

ASKED BY Member 1135204 on 10/10/12
TAGGED health, eyes, shihtzu IN Other Health & Wellness

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