Can someone please provide me with strict, effective, safe, and fun training regimen to help me accomplish my goals?

My name is Pilot and I am a 3.5 month old Siberian Husky that came home with my Daddy about a week ago. He is fully committed to spending several…

ASKED BY Pilot on 1/10/14
TAGGED training, tricks, behavior, safety, exercise, mountainbike, biking, caninegoodcitizen, certification, commands, regimen IN Methods of Training


Looking for local dog spots in Fairbanks Area to help keep my Shih Tzu active when it's -40 degrees outside?

We are moving to North Pole, AK (Fairbanks area) in December. I'm worried that my 5 year old Shih Tzu will not be able to exercise enough this…

ASKED BY Stella on 9/4/13
TAGGED exercise, weather, winter, advice, shihtzu IN U.S. Alaska & Hawaii

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Is my 2-year old Pointer Mix just tired or is something wrong?

We had a BBQ yesterday and some kids came over and were in the pool. Now, my dog LOVES the pool and usually goes in for an hour or so at least…

ASKED BY Member 1179087 on 7/8/13
TAGGED tired, lethargic, normal, pool, exercise, overexercise, help IN Exercise


How far should you walk a 4 month old puppy?

And how many times a day should you walk them?

ASKED BY Stanley on 5/2/13
TAGGED walk, exercise IN Exercise & Play


How can I exercise my corgi?

My 1 1/2 yr old corgi, Bella, will not run unless another dog is involved. She won't chase balls, sticks, anything except other dogs, younger kids…

ASKED BY Bella on 4/3/13
TAGGED corgi, run, exercise, help IN Exercise


How can I give my overweight pugs enough exercise?

I have 3 overweight pugs that were told by the vet to exercise, the problem is that I live in a small small town and the only park doesn't allow pets…

ASKED BY Bella on 1/23/13
TAGGED exercise, play, weight, toy IN Obesity

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My mom doesn't buy things for our dog. (not sure?)?

Well we never got a collar tag for our dog until a few months ago ( my dog is almost 3). Everyone else also said that the furminator is a rip off…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 8/12/12
TAGGED mom, buy, shop, shopping, store, pet, food, toys, treats, kong, ball, dog, fun, bored, puppy, cute, play, exercise IN Pet Products

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