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Ex-energetic dog?

Goodmorning, I have a problem with my jack russell puppy...since I have him he was very energetic and playful, but the last three days he is very…

ASKED BY Member 1231151 on 9/4/14
TAGGED energetic, playful, jackrussell, puppy IN Other Behavior & Training

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How do I get my 5 month old American Bulldog Puppy to calm down around my 1 year old son and family children? She jumps?

My five month old american bulldog is brutally hyper with guests - and worst of all brutally hyper with my 1 year old son. I feel I have to keep…

ASKED BY Member 1205966 on 12/26/13
TAGGED hyper, puppy, children, jump, lick, nip, energetic, reactive IN Puppies

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My dog is about 8 (human) years old and still needs to be pottie trained. I would like to bell train him if possible?

My dog is already an adult and barely has accidents in MY house. But when we need to leave him with a friend because we are on a trip, he has…

ASKED BY Member 1111121 on 5/16/12
TAGGED pottytraining, beagle, jackrussle, accidents, trip, old, dog, energetic, mellow, belltraining, bell, training IN House Soiling