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Why my puppy eats everything outside and never walks with me?

i got 3 months old Labrador Retriever Female Puppy, i bought because i love animals and i also needed support for jogging at morning, so i adopted…

ASKED BY Member 1249674 on 7/24/15
TAGGED annoyingsheneverrespectmeneverfollowmeeatseverything IN Behavior & Training

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I have a 1 year old maltipoo, Bentley. My dog started seeming to have breathing problems 2 days ago?

I took him to the vet yesterday and they didn't really do anything just felt him and said he was sore from some type of trauma and that's why he was…

ASKED BY Member 1249433 on 7/18/15
TAGGED maltipoo, breathing, problems, trachea, bloat, stomach, chest IN Health & Wellness

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My puppy won't eat from her bowl. Did my older dog make it his?

Okay, so I have 3 dogs. Midna (1yr), Jager (5yrs), and BB (9 yrs). Jager is my sister's dog that we're babysitting while she's deployed in England. BB…

ASKED BY Member 1248920 on 7/4/15
TAGGED food, bowls, wonteat, eat, territorial IN Food & Nutrition

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Panting and struggling to catch her breath in the middle of the night?

My dog is 14 years old,and she wakes up in the middle of the night panting as if she had just got done running and is struggling to catch her…

ASKED BY Member 1248297 on 6/18/15
TAGGED pantingstrugglingtocatchbreathe IN Health & Wellness

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Severe incontinence not treatable in congenital problem? What am I going to do?

My dog has a SEVERE incontinence problem. By severe I mean she leaks ALL day every day and even more while sleeping/napping. She soaked through…

ASKED BY Member 1247835 on 6/9/15
TAGGED incontinentincontinence, congenital, untreatable IN Illness & Disease

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My 12 year old shih-tzu is breathing strangely, here's a video She's kinda overweight, my fa?

Pepper is 12, overweight, and breathing oddly like I've never seen her do before, please help thank you. It sounds…

ASKED BY Member 1247321 on 5/29/15
TAGGED old, breathing, fastbreathing, weirdnoise IN Senior Pet

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6 month old puppy with underbite?

I have a 6 month old wheaten terrier and her adult teeth are coming in and it looks like she has a slight underbite. Is it normal for puppies teeth to…

ASKED BY Member 1247176 on 5/25/15
TAGGED underbite, teeth, softcoatedwheatenterrier, puppy, wheaten, terrier IN Dental Care

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