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Does my puppy have a hearing problem?

We adopted a 8 week old shepherd mix puppy and she is my first puppy as an adult (I grew up with dogs). I noticed that her ears don't move when…

ASKED BY Member 1231921 5 days, 13 hours ago
TAGGED hearing IN Other Health & Wellness


Caring for a dog with heart murmur?

My girl was diagnosed with a grade III heart murmur, due to the heartworms she had when she was two. She loves going out for walks, should I…

ASKED BY ~Cherry-pie~ on 5/30/14
TAGGED senior, heart, heartmurmur, dog, exercise, heartproblems, olddoggie, girl IN Senior Pet


Diet concerns on Earthborn Primitive Naturals?

Duke (17 weeks) constantly cycles from firm to loose stools that look like soft serve ice cream. He was on boiled rice and chicken for almost 4 of the…

ASKED BY Duke on 4/5/14
TAGGED diarrhea, puppy, loosestool, earthborn, pumpkin IN Food & Nutrition

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My dog was electrocuted?

Farmer has put up an electric fence on our boundary and my young gsd [18 months] ran into it - she thought i had hurt her. She ran home and won't come…

ASKED BY Member 1219245 on 3/31/14
TAGGED electricfence, fear IN Fears & Phobias

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12 Year old Adopted Stray Miniature Poodle that bite me.…

My husband and I adopted a 12 year old miniature poodle from the shelter 8 months ago. He has bad arthritis in his hips and has a 3 out of 4 heart…

ASKED BY Member 1217542 on 3/23/14
TAGGED biting, fear IN Behavior & Training

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Help with my dog being tense and afraid?

My dog is a Catahoula Leopard. She is almost 4 years old. When i walk her, her tail is always curved up into a C. She is very tense when i walk her…

ASKED BY Member 1216504 on 3/17/14
TAGGED terrified, agression, fear, otherdogs IN Behavior & Training

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My dog doesn't like his crate he cries the entire night in it even when I am by his side.Rewards don't work. he hates it?

The dog has lived with 9 other dogs that slept in bed with the foster home. We don't want that. He is good when we are home house trained and lays…

ASKED BY Member 1215910 on 3/14/14
TAGGED crate, training, cries, yearolddog, rescuedog, sleptinbedbeforewithfosterhome IN Crate Training


HELP! my one year old dog not eating her dog food?

Hello One year old siberian husky female is not eating dog food. She will only eat fresh cooked meat such as chicken, beef, pork etc... I have…

ASKED BY Happy on 1/9/14
TAGGED siberianhusky, food, oneyearsold IN Food & Nutrition

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