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My 12 yr old black lab is drooling heavily and very sluggish. He refuses to eat & he wont stand up. Body temp is low?

My 12 yr old (approx) Black Lab has been steadily getting more and more sluggish throughout the last few days, and now tonight he wont even stand…

ASKED BY Member 1086255 on 1/21/12
TAGGED sluggish, lethargic, wonteat, wontstand, drooling, excessivedrooling IN Emergencies & First Aid

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My dog drools excessively in his crate. He was fine in crate until he had diarrhea in it and now is a spaz. WHY?

My dog is 10 months old adopted recently from a shelter. He was doing great in his crate until he had a horrible bout of diarrhea in the crate one…

ASKED BY Member 1069786 on 11/10/11
TAGGED drooling, oddbehavior IN Fears & Phobias

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Exsessive watering mouth and grinding teeth?

i have a 7 month old pitbull and he got kicked and broke his leg, and we also got a female a week ago and he tries to mount her anytime he is out with…

ASKED BY Member 1063066 on 10/12/11
TAGGED drooling, chatteringteeth, grindingteeth IN Health & Wellness

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My dog had a random episode of drooling and grinding of teeth, what does this mean?

Hi, my dog Nala has recently had an episode where she was just staring out the window and randomly started grinding her teeth and drooling while not…

ASKED BY Member 1059748 on 9/28/11
TAGGED dogs, health, teeth, drooling IN Health & Wellness


My almost 2 yr old shih tzu male drooled himself to being soaked today should i be alarmed?

When I got home today I came home to a soaked puppy looked all around the house to see if he got into anything and nothing. I then was relaxing…

ASKED BY Jaxon on 9/6/11
TAGGED shihtzudroolingtowhereheissoaked IN Health & Wellness

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My dog rexently met a new pitbull the pitbull is well behaved but deaf. My beagle drools at the sight of the pitbull why?

my beagle has never drooled around another dog before. could it be because it is deaf?

ASKED BY Member 1039025 on 6/28/11
TAGGED drooling, deafdog IN Socialization

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My dog has woke up with excessive non stop drooling. should i be concerned? he has liver issues?

hes had loose stool for a few days. would liver disease symptoms arise that quickly? he is a 7yr old pitbull/lab mix

ASKED BY Member 1030400 on 4/13/11
TAGGED drooling, liverdisease, diharrea, sick IN Health & Wellness

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I just brought my dog inside and she is drooling lots, wont drink any water, wont bark, wont stick her tounge out.…

she is a 2 yr old beagle. she also will not close her mouth all the way, kind of like her tounge may be swollen and im kinda of thinking she may…

ASKED BY Member 1028894 on 3/31/11
TAGGED drooling, swollentounge IN Other Health & Wellness

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