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Why does my dog go from playing to aggression?

I have a German Shorthaired/Hound Mix named Sophie. She is about 2 years old and was a rescue. She's been in our family for about a year and a half…

ASKED BY Member 1249283 on 7/13/15
TAGGED agression, dogpark, play IN Aggression

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Is it safe to take a pack to the dog park? I have 3 dogs and would like to take them all together. So far i have been on?

They are all pit bulls of the bully breed. One fixed adult female, one not fixed adult male, one not fixed 10 month old female puppy. They have been…

ASKED BY Member 1247805 on 6/8/15
TAGGED dogpark, pack IN Socialization

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After the dog park, my dog now wants to pull at every passing dog on walks?

So I've taken over caring for my mother's 13 year old dog for about 6months now, and found out she never walks him or takes him to the dog park…

ASKED BY Member 1245296 on 4/16/15
TAGGED pulling, walking, otherdogs, exciteddogs, dogpark IN Leash Walking

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Young pit rescue is aggressive when other dogs are restrained?

I've noticed a habit my 7 month old female pit mix has suddenly started at the dog park. She has started to get aggressive when other dogs are put…

ASKED BY Member 1243311 on 3/4/15
TAGGED aggression, leashes, dogpark, socialization, pitbull IN Aggression

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Dog Park behavior by others. Why my dog?

I have a 8 month old Lab mix. She's submissive when needed but is overly confident. When she is at our dog park with more then 3 dogs this is how it…

ASKED BY Member 1218126 on 3/25/14
TAGGED dogpark IN Socialization

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My boxer pup has an arch nemesis. I've tried addressing the problem and working w/ the other owner but to no avail. HELP?

My 14 month old male boxer is well socialized, exercised, fairly obedient, and pretty happy-go-lucky most of the time, but he hates this one…

ASKED BY Member 1189376 on 9/10/13
TAGGED aggression, boxer, husky, dogpark IN Behavior & Training

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I have a 5 yr old Heeler that fixates/chases/herds dogs at the dog park?

She normally rolls over and lets other dogs sniff her when we first arrive to the dog park, so I don't believe her behavior to be an issue of…

ASKED BY Member 1187136 on 8/25/13
TAGGED fixation, herding, dogpark IN Socialization


Is none aggressive jumping at a dog park (9 pound poodle mix at?

I'm about to take my newly adopted dog (had her about 2 months) to a local "small dog park." She's a 9 pound poodle mix. She loves to jump around…

ASKED BY Emily on 9/28/12
TAGGED dogparks, smalldogs, jumping IN Socialization

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