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Attention seeking, dominant behaviour or just naughtiness?

Hey dogs, My golden doodle Harvey is now 1 year old so i know he is still very much a puppy. he comes to work with me everyday and sleeps most of…

ASKED BY Member 1237340 on 11/13/14
TAGGED behaviour, training, attention, doggyprobems IN Behavior & Training


Is my dog, BearBear, a full pomeranian?

Hello my fellow dogsters! I'm new here, and this is my dog BearBear! I was just curious if BearBear is a full Pomeranian? When I bought him from the…

ASKED BY BearBear on 3/4/13
TAGGED pom, pomeranian, bear, dog, puppy, doggy, pup IN Breeds N-R

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Why did my dogs nipples disappear?

I adopted a three month old pup a few months ago, she is spayed and easy to train. I spend a lot of time at home since I am a student but I went…

ASKED BY Member 1153453 on 2/3/13
TAGGED dog, dogs, pup, puppy, adopt, nipplesgone, nipplesdisappeared, doggyquestion, curious IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Dog wets himself when he thinks I'm telling him off - when I'm not…

Full story: I have two pomerianans. I've had the eldest since he was 6months old and he is now 2years 5months old. He's very well behaved and…

ASKED BY Member 1145567 on 12/17/12
TAGGED dog, puppy, shout, wee, piss, scared, worried, aggressive, pup, pomeranian, toldoff, pom, doggy, wethimself, wet IN Dogs and a Clean Home


Nervous about finding a doggy daycare…

I have never brought Jasper to doggy daycare, but recently moved into a new living arrangement where no one is home during the day for him. I really…

ASKED BY Jasper on 11/7/12
TAGGED doggydaycare, daycare, babysitter IN Canada

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My year old shelter rescue, fought another dog while at doggy day care, can she still play with other dogs?

The daycare worker said she was playing well with another dog, when the worker looked away the fight started - We do obedience training, and she has…

ASKED BY Member 1124955 on 8/9/12
TAGGED doggydaycare, fights IN Behavior & Training


Teach an older (4 y.o.) tricks HELP PLEASE?

My bichon frise isn't the most smart or obedient dog. We didn't take too much notice in teaching her basic commands when she was smaller. She is not…

ASKED BY Holly on 4/14/12
TAGGED commands, dog, bichon, frise, puppy, answer, questions, uestion, small, dog, older, oldyo, help, please, tricks, sit, stand, come, paw, catch, tell, told, obedient, smart, clever, silly, doggy, holly, white, fluffy, cute IN Commands

Jake [originally Keegan]

Doggy doors and fostering …

i will be fostering a puppy [2 mths old] this week, im guessing he needs to bee house trained, but the thing is we have a doggy door for my current…

ASKED BY Jake [originally Keegan] on 3/10/10
TAGGED puppies, housebreaking, doggydoor, fostering IN Housebreaking

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