My obedience trainer is against dog doors?

She says that not controlling access to the outdoors is one of the worst things to do and leads to huge behavioral problems (especially in pigheaded…

ASKED BY Mika on 10/12/11
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I want to get a dog door because the other people in my house always forget to let him out to go to the washroom.…

Everyone always gets mad if he goes on the floor (not at him though, I know how bad that is for training purposes!!) but no one ever wants to admit…

ASKED BY Jasper on 5/30/09
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How do I get my dog to stop barking at the fence when I am not home?

Zoie is a great pyrenees who just turned 1 year old. My fiance and I both work during the day, so she and her brother (a 4 year old sheltie) have a…

ASKED BY Zoie on 8/19/08
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Seamus Smiff

Does anyone have a brand of electronic pet door that you can recommend?

We were looking at the Petsafe Smart Door at Petsmart, but on Amazon it only got 1 star. We want a way to let Seamus in and out, but not the…

ASKED BY Seamus Smiff on 6/28/08
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Guest Member Since

Our Basset hound drags her ears through her urine after using the doggie door?

Our dog door leads to an area that was once covered with pea gravel. Thinking it would be easier to clean, we had it covered in cement. Now, our dog…

ASKED BY Member 558603 on 1/15/08
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