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All the dogs I've ever owned didn't like it if someone touched MY feet. Why is this?

I do have one foot that is partially paralyzed and I'm slightly more careful about what happens with it, as I can damage it and not know that I've…

ASKED BY Member 1106412 on 4/18/12
TAGGED feet, foot, dislike IN Behavior & Training

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Is it typical for a family dog to get along with family cats only?

Our dog has no problem with our cats at all. He lets them groom him,they drink out of each others water bowls,and sometimes I bust them eating each…

ASKED BY Member 1071518 on 12/11/11
TAGGED dislike, somecats, barking IN Aggression

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Are wolves and dogs the same thing?, well if no then they look like it?

I'm just curious.. and all answer are accepted:D Because at school i was accepted to write an artical about wolves and dogs and how they are…

ASKED BY Member 1002749 on 10/22/10
TAGGED wolves, dogs, alike, and, dislike, fromeachother IN Blogs


My dog hates only 1 dog, my neighbor's dog - how can I stop her from barking, jumping, pulling every time we pass by?

My 2 yo female golden doodle, who loves other dogs and loves all people, hates my neighbor's 2 yo yellow lab male. When I start her on a walk, she…

ASKED BY Maggie on 6/10/10
TAGGED goldendoodle, barking, dislikes IN Behavior & Training

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Is it possible for my dog to hate me she seems very moody. not what i'm used to?

i have never had a beagle/coondog, always labs. anyways it just seems like my dog hates me.she will ignore me sometimes reluctant to listen to me…

ASKED BY Member 805829 on 2/18/09
TAGGED moody, hate, dislikesowner IN Fears & Phobias