When i listen to my dogs stomach i can hear it rumble. Is it that she has a sore stomach ?

I've been feeding my Standard poodle blue buffalo for over a year and sometimes when i listen closely i can hear it rumble should i be worried…

ASKED BY Jenna on 6/10/13
TAGGED food, digestion IN Pet Food

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Mydog seems to be VERY sick. everytime he goes to use the bathroom he cries and yelps. He also will not stop shaking?

He has been like this for two days and I am starting to get very worried. He also will cry and yelp from time to time. He is a Male maltese. He is…

ASKED BY Member 1107626 on 4/25/12
TAGGED sick, pleasehelp, shaking, maltese, digestionproblems IN Health & Wellness


Bloody diarrhea pending stool test. what should i feed him? this doggie has a sensitive tummy?

my dog has diarrhea and blood in his stool. 5 days ago he had the same and i thought it was an allergic reaction. he is very allergy prone…

ASKED BY Baxter on 12/7/11
TAGGED food, digestion, allergy, rawfooddiet, bloodinstool IN Raw Food


Weird poop?

My female chihuahua that I just got a couple days ago has what I would describe as almost popcorn shaped poop. Its just little roundish hard balls…

ASKED BY Lilly on 6/26/11
TAGGED digestion, poop, feces, popcorn, chihuahua, diet IN Other Health & Wellness


My dog has recently started pooping a lot on our walks - at least 3 times as we make our way around the block?

My 55-60lb 8 or 9 year old Aussie mix just recovered from a canine tooth removal. He had been on antibiotics and a mush food diet (wet food with added…

ASKED BY Scooby on 10/14/10
TAGGED poop, walking, digestion IN Other Health & Wellness


We recently rescued a newf pup (9 months) who has a had months of digestion problems. Can this correlate with Cysturnia?

We've had a NBT panel done through Dr. Goldstein to evaluate her nutrition in relation to her host of health issues (bilateral elbow stenosis, mild…

ASKED BY Ellie on 10/13/09
TAGGED digestionissues, newfoundlands, cysturnia IN Health & Wellness

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My 2 year old male cockapoo seems to have a sensitve digestive system. He also has trouble with his anal gland?

He frequently has very soft, loose stools and sometimes vomits. He has always eaten the same food, Eucanuba. Do you think acidolpholis might…

ASKED BY Member 866247 on 8/10/09
TAGGED cockapoo, analgland, digestion IN Food & Nutrition

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