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Did kibbles & bits kill my dog?

My 13 yr old min pin has only EVER eaten kibbles and bits-very rarely would I ever allow her to eat anything else(peaplefood,other dogfoods etc.)for…

ASKED BY Member 1116227 on 6/17/12
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How can I help my dog until Saturday? He's showing signs of diabetes - won't eat/drink/move, etc?

He was taken to the vet three times in the past three weeks, once for an infection, again for arthritis medications, and again for his elbows to be…

ASKED BY Member 1040048 on 7/7/11
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Why is my old dog so energetic all of a sudden?

My dog Shadow has been through the ringer, torn ACL which is now held together by screws, diabetes, cataracts (one eye corrected with laser eye…

ASKED BY Member 1029603 on 4/6/11
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I have a Drinking problem. My father is in AA, but I was adopted so It is not hereditary. Please no 12 steps answers?

My name is Wilson, my Biological Mother is a Mini-Schnauzer & Bio-Father was a Yorkie. I am a 6.5 Year old male. Despite being a little over weight…

ASKED BY Member 986888 on 5/13/10
TAGGED obsessivedrinking, water, diabetes, minischnauzer, urination, polydipsia, vomiting IN Other Health & Wellness

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My dalmation is on Vetsulin can I give him regular insulin but just do the conversion for 100/40 ml's?

Ok-Im very concerned because I am under the impression that Insulin is Insulin. I have talked to 2 Vets that I do not no very well (did not call my…

ASKED BY Member 911153 on 11/6/09
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Does anyone know a kitty named Pumpkin (loving memory 2008) and his puppy friends? They live in NY?

Pumpkin and Tang were friends and we unfortunately did fix our email settings and found out too late that he passed on at the end of last year. His…

ASKED BY Member 511359 on 8/19/09
TAGGED friends, lovingmemory, diabetes IN The Dogster Website

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