Mae Mae

8-Year-Old Abused Dog?

Late May of this year, I adopted a beautiful Shar-Pei/ Black Lab mix. However, she had spent the first 8 years of her life in the home of an abusive…

ASKED BY Mae Mae on 7/28/13
TAGGED dog, dogs, depression, depressed, anxious, anxiety, yearsold, old, maemae, fear, abuse, abused, habits, rescue, shelter, shy, fears IN Fears & Phobias


Mom and Dad were excited to cool me off with a shave bc I was starting to get too long and it's getting warm out. I'm fe?

The groomers were nice to me -- it's nothing like that. I've lost my appetite and been, well, blah. Now I know that the fur keeps me cool too, but I…

ASKED BY Indy on 4/2/12
TAGGED shivering, shaved, depressed, grooming IN Grooming


Routine issues?

The issue we are having is that for about the past 4 or 5 months we have noticed that our dog Bandit will put himself into a routine after doing…

ASKED BY Bandit on 2/23/12
TAGGED kids, routine, depressed IN Other Behavior & Training

Guest Member Since

Older Jack Russell mix suddenly acting tired, maybe because of diet change?

My dog, Bub, is a 10-yr Jack Russell mix. Been on Nutro Natural for a while (3yrs?) but bc he's had some gas problems and his abdomen felt hard at his…

ASKED BY Member 1048374 on 8/24/11
TAGGED depressed, dietchange, lethargic IN Other Health & Wellness


2 yr old wirehaired doxie had red blood in stool 2 weeks ago, been to the vet many times now and all tests negative,…

He was put on flagyl and he got very bad side efefcts from it, he is now on Baytril, tramadol and metoclopram. He has had xrays, barium xrays…

ASKED BY Sam on 9/17/10
TAGGED blood, anorexic, depressed, pain IN Illness & Disease

Guest Member Since

Can dogs be depressed?

I have adopted a 6yr old maremma sheepdog from the local shelter, she eat, sleeps, and goes to the washroom fine, but she seems depressed. Never…

ASKED BY Member 854775 on 7/14/09
TAGGED rescuedog, depressed, verymopey IN Health & Wellness

Mr. Woo

Why is my dog depressed and itching?

My two fur babies and I went to a dog shelter seven days ago in hopes of fostering a dog. The place was filthy, and all of the shelter dogs had…

ASKED BY Mr. Woo on 5/29/09
TAGGED depressed, itching, tapeworm IN Health & Wellness


Depressed dog?

My dog is depressed. The doctor recommends to give him a vasectomy and that will help him --- is that true? What happened is that my dog…

ASKED BY Gucci on 12/13/08
TAGGED depressedillness IN Illness & Disease

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