Nervous about finding a doggy daycare…

I have never brought Jasper to doggy daycare, but recently moved into a new living arrangement where no one is home during the day for him. I really…

ASKED BY Jasper on 11/7/12
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I can't tell if my 6 month old female lab likes doggy daycare or not. She seems frightened and stressed out. The staff s?

Since I have enrolled my dog in doggy daycare she seems to be less confident and very submissive when dogs approach her.

ASKED BY Member 1133142 on 9/28/12
TAGGED dogdaycare, homealoneduringtheday, dogwalkers IN Behavior & Training

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My year old shelter rescue, fought another dog while at doggy day care, can she still play with other dogs?

The daycare worker said she was playing well with another dog, when the worker looked away the fight started - We do obedience training, and she has…

ASKED BY Member 1124955 on 8/9/12
TAGGED doggydaycare, fights IN Behavior & Training

Trooper (Adopted!)

If we can't afford day care everyday, is it better to do it every other day or every other week for a good routine?

Deciding between putting a Bichon Frise in day care either (A) one day on and one day off or (B) one week on and one week off. Which do you think…

ASKED BY Trooper (Adopted!) on 8/24/11
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At this time I live and work in the same city so I am able to go home during lunch and walk Phoebe.....…

Phoebe goes to Doggie Daycare 2 or 3 times a week. She is 2 years old and I have been going home for lunch since we got her. In a couple of weeks we…

ASKED BY Phoebe on 4/1/10
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I took Macy to a doggieday care for temperment test, the owner said she did not pass, as she got in the other dogs' face?

She has never been to a place with so many dogs, and she was put in a separate room with this mild mannered small dog to see how she would behave at…

ASKED BY Macy on 7/15/09
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How do I find a great pet sitter?

Unfortunately, I don't have any friends who use petsitters, so word of mouth isn't an option. Does anyone have any other suggestions for how to go…

ASKED BY Myszka on 1/13/09
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Quincy - CGC

Doggie daycare options?

Mom is in college and I am a one year old Jack Russell Chihuahua mix. Our living situation has changed and I can't be left home alone while She is…

ASKED BY Quincy - CGC on 1/11/09
TAGGED daycare, negative, options, help IN Other Travel & Recreation

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