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I have a 12.5 pound dog what is a cute costume pattern for Halloween?

ASKED BY Member 1116541 on 8/18/12
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Quincy - CGC

What costume would win a halloween pet costume contest? In your opinion. Just for fun. =P?

My towns fall festival is coming up and I was thinking of entering a few of the contests. One of them is the pet costume contest. I can't make up…

ASKED BY Quincy - CGC on 9/12/09
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Can you all please help me with ideas on what I should be for Halloween?

My sister said she really wants to dress me up for Halloween, but we are having a hrd time coming up with ideas on what would be the perfect and…

ASKED BY ♥Tiffy♥ on 10/6/08
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☆ Binkie ☠

What should my chihuahua be for halloween !! ?

im having such a hard time to find a cute costume for binkie. i want it to be cute yet unique at the same time. have any suggestions?

ASKED BY ☆ Binkie ☠ on 10/1/08
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*~*Abby*~* (RIP 2004-2012)

Where can I get large dog costumes?

For halloween this year, Momma wants to buy me and possibly my sister, a costume. We've both large dogs. We're looked at Wal-Mart, they only had small…

ASKED BY *~*Abby*~* (RIP 2004-2012) on 9/23/07
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