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How much does your Great Dane cost monthly?

I currently do not have a dog, but plan on getting a Great Dane in the future. I am a dog groomer and have had lots of experience with large dogs, and…

ASKED BY Member 1197475 on 11/3/13
TAGGED greatdane, cost, monthlycost, toys, food IN Great Dane

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I have a 12.5 pound dog what is a cute costume pattern for Halloween?

ASKED BY Member 1116541 on 8/18/12
TAGGED halloweencostume, pattern, cute IN Other Pet Products

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My Ten year old Golden Mix is sick?

Our dog is a mid sized dog and normally a happy healthy pup. She vomited three times Wednesday night and was lethargic. We took her to the vet at…

ASKED BY Member 1125142 on 8/11/12
TAGGED banfield, petsmart, liverenzymes, highcost IN Illness & Disease


Im looking into starting a doggy daycare, I was wondering what do/would you look for in a doggy daycare?

what things do you dislike about doggy daycare and what things do you like? are the prices to high? Is it to far away to take your dog? Do the staff…

ASKED BY Tessa on 12/24/11
TAGGED safety, cost, training, distance IN Other Health & Wellness


I need to bring my dog; a 1 and a half year old Lhasa Apso - 'Cubbie' from New Delhi - India to the United States?

~ Cubbie has his vaccination shots including the Rabies one, every year - without fail. ~ My sister can accompany my pet till the New Delhi Airport…

ASKED BY Cubbie on 4/13/11
TAGGED airtravel, indiatous, lhasaapso, cost, petrelocators IN Air Travel

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Hi! I've finally picked a Labradoodle, and was wondering what the monthly cost of my labradoodle would be. Thanks?

I'm getting him around April-ish.

ASKED BY Member 928205 on 12/27/10
TAGGED monthly, cost, labradoodle IN Pet Products

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HELP please??!! What should I do and how much do you think the vet will cost? What should I do if it did have worms for a long time already?

There has been this stray dog around my house for sometime now and I took it to live with me. It's been several days since she lived with me. But I do…

ASKED BY Member 1006390 on 10/2/10
TAGGED worms, dog, long, time, hairloss, rice, looking, year, worry, vet, cost, old, very, confused, whiteworms IN Health & Wellness

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