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My gf's chihuahua is acting nervous and shaking constantly, giving him attention sometimes provokes it, sometimes eases?

My gfs chihuahua is acting strange lately. Dog’s staying over at my place (not first time). Few days ago she started to behave stressed, shaking a…

ASKED BY Member 1240236 on 1/6/15
TAGGED chihuahuashakingnervousalienatedbehavingweirdstrange IN Health & Wellness

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Potty Training a chihuahua?

I have an eleven year old Chihuahua and I got him when he was about three. He. I don't think he was ever really potty trained, even though he does…

ASKED BY Member 1124227 on 8/5/12
TAGGED training, soiling, chihuahuas, olderdogs, peeing, housesoiling IN House Soiling

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Can you get a vet to drop the other testi.< I have 2 male chihuahua's and I want to breed one once, then fix both?

I just don't want one fixed and one not, I want them done together.

ASKED BY Member 1098645 on 3/9/12
TAGGED chihuahuas IN Puppies


Is my Chihuahua sick? HELP?

I'm worried about my male Chihuahua. I noticed that my dog's been lonely for a week now and he doesnt eat that much like he used to. My father brought…

ASKED BY Jazz on 5/26/10
TAGGED chihuahua, chi, chihuahuas, sick, dog, dogfood, appetite, health, lonely, worried, male, noteating, ignoringfood, skinny, bony IN Health & Wellness

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I have a chihuahua that is al little over 3 pounds, Bella. her back is higher than the front what does this mean?

My Bella is a great dog. she is happy and healthy, her shots are caught up and she wants for nothing. I noticed when she was standing that the back of…

ASKED BY Member 942228 on 1/30/10
TAGGED shapeofchihuahuas IN Other Health & Wellness

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