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Potty Training a chihuahua?

I have an eleven year old Chihuahua and I got him when he was about three. He. I don't think he was ever really potty trained, even though he does…

ASKED BY Member 1124227 on 8/5/12
TAGGED training, soiling, chihuahuas, olderdogs, peeing, housesoiling IN House Soiling

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Can you get a vet to drop the other testi.< I have 2 male chihuahua's and I want to breed one once, then fix both?

I just don't want one fixed and one not, I want them done together.

ASKED BY Member 1098645 on 3/9/12
TAGGED chihuahuas IN Puppies


Is my Chihuahua sick? HELP?

I'm worried about my male Chihuahua. I noticed that my dog's been lonely for a week now and he doesnt eat that much like he used to. My father brought…

ASKED BY Jazz on 5/26/10
TAGGED chihuahua, chi, chihuahuas, sick, dog, dogfood, appetite, health, lonely, worried, male, noteating, ignoringfood, skinny, bony IN Health & Wellness

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I have a chihuahua that is al little over 3 pounds, Bella. her back is higher than the front what does this mean?

My Bella is a great dog. she is happy and healthy, her shots are caught up and she wants for nothing. I noticed when she was standing that the back of…

ASKED BY Member 942228 on 1/30/10
TAGGED shapeofchihuahuas IN Other Health & Wellness

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My puppy is three months old and has diarrhea what do i give?

my puppy just started too have diarrhea today and i would like too know what i can give too stop it?

ASKED BY Member 893644 on 9/25/09
TAGGED chihuahuasick, diarrhea, food IN Health & Safety

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