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Looking for a medium-energy dog breed. Breed help needed?

Hi-I was hoping to get some insight on what dog breeds I should be looking do more research on. I understand that each dog is an individual and a lot…

ASKED BY Member 1249901 on 7/30/15
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How to convince my parents to get a shelter dog, and what should we get?

I am a 13 year old girl and I am at boarding school.This means that I would not get to see the dog as much, but it is having the dog in the holidays…

ASKED BY Member 1249373 on 7/17/15
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My wife and I found a little, tiny, helpless chihuahua mix. He had been abandoned and left to die by the evil people w?

How do I get him to eat? We bought him milk replacer plus. is that the right kind? Help us please we are in love with our little guy.

ASKED BY Member 1244913 on 4/9/15
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Is this dog a mix? It is from a rescue claiming that shes a Giant Schnauzer ?

2 months and 11 days old. She suffered emotional and physical abuse before the rescue family took over.

ASKED BY Member 1243486 on 3/8/15
TAGGED breeds, puppies, mix, giant, schnauzer, rescue, breeder, emotional, abuse IN Other Puppies

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Can anybody tell me about my 5 week old german shepherd/ pitbull mix pup?

My boyfriend got me a German shepherd/ pitbull mix puppy and I would like to know a little more about this mix. Tips and help would be very much…

ASKED BY Member 1238269 on 11/30/14
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Mini Aussie or Brittany?

I've been researching dog breeds to decide which one would be best for me and my family. I've come down to either a mini aussie or a…

ASKED BY Member 1192467 on 9/22/14
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Best guesses on my mix?

I've always told people Australian Shepherd mix, but I've received all kinds of guesses from Saint Bernard mix to Bernese or Border Collie! She's…

ASKED BY Darby on 1/17/14
TAGGED mix, breeds, mutt IN Breeds

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